We’re on the road – Day 10: Melbourne Cup Day

Day 10 Hannolas new home

Day 10 bug

Yesterday we arrived at my sister’s new home. She and her husband moved here from Gympie in Queensland a year ago. This is our first visit  to them here.

They have a beautiful home in a tranquil street. Today has been a lovely sunny day. After a leisurely start to the day we decided to head out and see what we could find. Perhaps somewhere for a late lunch/early dinner.

This cute little bug was resting on my car door handle as we left. It was less than a centimetre long. I managed to snap this shot of it.

Day 10 Bairnsdale Bunnings

First port of call today was a local Bunnings store in a nearby town by name of Bairnsdale for some needed supplies of hardware.

TRH (The Retired Husband) is going to assist with some home maintenance and odd jobs around the house to earn our keep.

Day 10 silver trees

A long section of the road leading into Paynesville is lined with these beautiful silver grey trees. I have no idea what they are.

Paynesville is a tourist and holiday resort town in the Eastern Gippsland region of Victoria. It’s approx 300 kilometres east of Melbourne.

It was established in 1879 and originally had the aboriginal name of Toonalook which means ‘place of many fish’.

Paynesville foreshore

The foreshore at Paynesville is very picturesque.

Paynesville is a thriving little town.  A network of canals and two artificial islands have been created in response to the rise in popularity and interest in the region. Burrabogie  and Fort King Islands cater for a waterfront shopping and residential area.

Across the water from Paynesville foreshore lies a small residential island called Raymond Island. Being a mere 48 metres across the river, it is only accessible by ferry. The trip takes about two minutes.  Known for its large koala population, my nephew and his wife live there. This panorama shot is of the ferry about to land. On the left you can see the cars lining up to cross over to the island.

Day 10 Paynesville foreshoreWe had lived in hope of being able to find somewhere to stop and have a bite to eat. No luck. All open venues were fully booked out. The rest were closed. In Victoria it is a public holiday – Melbourne Cup Day. This link will take you to a story I wrote on it last year. Instead, we bought some take away and went back home to eat it. The fish was delicious with a crispy, light batter. The vast majority of shark meat is sold as ‘flake’ in fish and chip shops. So we had shark for dinner.

© Raili Tanska

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      1. You never mentioned how I wanted to offer prayers and thank the Lord as we have money to sp5 at bunnings.

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