Buttons – Part 7: The Pearl Princess




(In human language this reads –

A Very Important Mission : Button Nose)

Buttons, the Woodland Elf,  is on a special treasure hunt- so far he has found a small round, speckled, moss green stone under the Magick Old Man Oak, Wild Bear Garlic, Crystal droplets and a new Magickal outfit. He has also acquired 5 mini porcupines as guides for the next stage of his quest.


Buttons was speechless. There was so much newness to take in. And now, a celebration! For him! The five little porcupines appeared in single file in front of him again and marched off in the direction that The Pearl Princess had gone. Buttons took that to mean he was to follow them. They led him to a large circular arena. It had been decked out for a party. Tables resplendent with exotic treats and jugs of nectar sourced from near and far dotted the arena. The trees that encircled it were decorated with strings of colourful vines, flowers and feathers. Bejewelled with faerie rings and colourful mushrooms, the grass looked gay and bright. Small silver bells were hanging from every flower. They were being played by dainty faeries. The symphony of their soft tinkling filled the air. Abuzz with activity, the excitement was building to a crescendo.  As Buttons arrived, everyone stopped, turned to look at him, and burst into shouts and hoots of welcome. It really was quite overwhelming.

flower fairy

The Pearl Princess started the festivities with a Welcome Speech.  “It is a great honour and a privilege to welcome you, Button Nose, to our Sacred Valley of Healing. Not often have we had visitors from the Elf Kingdom. Your King contacted us six moons ago, requesting our assistance for your  journey. It is long and full of dangers. For one so young to embark on it alone is an act of courage such as we have not seen before. To make it this far successfully, and dare I say in one piece, is nothing short of a miracle. You are indeed protected and guided on this Very Important Mission. The hardest part of your journey is over. All else you seek is here. Your return home will be swift. But now, let the party begin!”

Buttons had listened carefully to what The Pearl Princess had to say. There was a lot of new information in there he had not heard before. He would need time to think about it all and really take it in. However, it was a relief to know that the hardest part was over. For now, he was ready to party! And what a party it was!! There was dancing and singing, feasting and jousting,treasure hunts and dragon fly trips, hide and seek the treasure, story telling  and so much more. Buttons met and made so many new friends it left his head spinning. Everywhere he turned there was someone new to meet or something new to do or taste. As night fell bonfires were lit. Thousands of fireflies decorated the arena with their twinkling lights. Everyone settled down around a bonfire. The gaiety of the afternoon changed into a quiet and peaceful sacredness. Stories of Magick and Miracles were told by those who had gathered. The evening drew to a close as the Medicine Man of the Sacred Healing Temple chanted a prayer of Thanks and Gratitude whilst  those present partook of a Sacrament of Sacred Nectar. Buttons was shown to a cosy gossamer hammock strung between two trees. This was to be his resting place for the night. He fell into a long, deep sleep.

The sun was high in the sky before Buttons finally awoke. Lazily, he stretched his limbs before jumping down to the ground. Cheerful voices greeted him. Having nibbled on a few nuts and fruits, he was ready for whatever was to come next. As before, he did not have long to wait. The five little porcupines appeared once more. At a brisk trot they took him down a path that led to a pure white castle. Simple in its beauty, the Crystal Palace sparkled in the sun. Stepping through the entrance he noticed the floor was made of clear crystal. Myriads of little rainbows embedded in the floor pulsed and glowed emanating a soft vibrancy that shimmered in the air. Once again Buttons found himself enveloped in a splendour that left him speechless. The soft tinkling of waterfalls splashing into an indoor rockpool added to the ambience. Enormous elegant  pink water lilies floated gracefully on the surface. Soft and delicate, its alluring scent perfumed the air. The Pearl Princess was seated in their midst on a giant lily pad. What a perfect setting, he thought. Pure, regal, beautiful.  She invited Buttons to join her. A snow white swan glided over. Climbing on to its back, he was taken across to join her. Sitting  cross-legged in silence next to her, he was mesmerised by all he saw. It was some time before she spoke again. “This is my favourite place to be. So peaceful and beautiful. I come here every morning for a time of contemplation and silence. It nurtures me. “

white swan

They  talked a while about yesterday’s festivities. Buttons thanked her for the  generosity, hospitality and welcome he had received. Shyly, he asked permission to seek Wise Counsel from her about the new facts he had learned from her welcome speech. She had been expecting this. They spoke at length of his journey, what had transpired during it, his Very Important Mission. Most importantly for Buttons, they also spoke of his purpose and his future. He was destined, she told him, to lead his people into a new future that was light and bright. His Mission was to take the items home so Great Healing Magick could be made. This Magick had the capacity to transform his world and its people, bringing them to a Time of Peace, Love, Joy and Great Abundance. Such Missions had been entrusted to all Kingdoms for the Great Change. It was an exciting time. Buttons felt very humbled by the honour entrusted to him. He voiced a fleeting moment of doubt  about his ability to do what was needed. It was quickly squashed when The Pearl Princess gently reminded him of all the help he had already received. Did he doubt that it would continue, she asked. He felt foolish for even thinking such a thing.

The Pearl Princess invited him to join her for a light lunch. After this, he would be given instructions on the last phase of his Very Important Mission before he returned home. Lunch was served where they sat. A team of swans floated past, their backs laden with delectable, dainty delicacies. How beautiful. Never had he lunched like this, thought Buttons!

You are invited to join Buttons on his Very Important Mission each Wednesday.

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© Raili Tanska

Images – Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Buttons – Part 7: The Pearl Princess

  1. Interesting mix of visuals. The first paragraph reminded me so much of the second act of The Nutcracker, but the last little bit (especially the swans) reminded me of Tolkien’s Lothlorien. 🙂

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