Buttons – Part 6: Sacred Valley

Button nose¥∉∧∂∇ПçΓΘΞΣΨζλξυψωℵ℘


(In human language this reads –

A Very Important Mission : Button Nose)

Buttons, the Woodland Elf,  is on a special treasure hunt- so far he has found a small round, speckled, moss green stone under the Magick Old Man Oak, Wild Bear Garlic, Crystal droplets and a new Magickal outfit. He has met some very interesting forest beings along the way.



No sooner was he ready than the five little porcupines marched off in single file. Buttons again was hard pressed to follow them, so quick were they. Twists and turns, around and back, in and out and roundabout, up and down were the words that seemed to echo in Button’s mind as he followed his busy little helpers. Perhaps this is what they always did, he thought.  If it was, it would not look at all suspicious to anyone watching. To Buttons it seemed as if they were just going around in circles. And in truth, that is exactly what they were doing. Then all of a sudden they veered off to the left and went running off in a straight line. This took Buttons by surprise for he had grown a little distracted by the monotony of the constant circling. Quickly he gave chase just catching sight of them before they disappeared altogether. Just as suddenly as before, they stopped. Buttons nearly ran over the top of them!  They huddled in a circle whispering animatedly. Then they turned to look at Buttons. And then they whispered some more. Eventually a single file was formed and off they went again. It was all a mystery to Buttons. Whatever the whispering was about the problem seemed to have been solved. It was not long after what Buttons named The Whispering Huddle, that the porcupines suddenly vanished. Confused, Buttons started to panic until he noticed that one of them just as suddenly reappeared in front of him. Looking crossly at Buttons it nodded its head and disappeared again. Not knowing what else to do Buttons followed. What strange little creatures they were!

As Buttons stepped forward he felt a little resistance. With a push it gave way and he fell through into another world altogether it seemed. As he gazed around him, Buttons was astonished at the beauty that surrounded him. He was in a hidden valley. All around him were exquisite plants of all different sizes, shapes and colours such as he had never seen. The fragrance in the air was soft and sweet. The splendour of the vision before him defied description.

Sacred Valley flowers

Colourful  birds sat in giant ferns twittering and chattering. Dragonflies and butterflies looped the loop from flower to flower supping on nectar. Bumble bees busily collected pollen. Everywhere he looked was a hive of happy activity.

Buttons feasted his eyes on the colours, sounds and scents that surrounded him. Never had he seen such an array of exquisiteness! He just smiled and laughed and pointed at each new discovery as he ran from spot to spot. He was surrounded by delicate pastels, showy brilliance, velvety softness, thorny spikes. It was all here.

He thought he had seen all the possible wonders this Magickal Valley had to offer until he came across a group of talking flowers!  A chorus of introductions greeted him: “Hello there! We’re the Dancing Angels… We’re the Laughing Lillies… I’m Cupcake…We’re the Chattering Chimps… I’m Leo,” each called out in turn.


Suddenly he became aware of a buzzing noise. As he looked closer he noticed that it was the most beautiful looking mosquito-like insect he had ever seen.  With huge, translucent wings  it hovered in front of his face. When he listened closely he realised it was not a normal buzzing sound he heard. It was actually talking to him. “Bow down and welcome Her Majesty, The Pearl Princess”  With that an escorting entourage of yet more exquisite flowers arrived. In their midst was The Pearl Princess. Peacock-like, her feathers were fanned in a glorious display. She bowed graciously to Buttons, speaking in soft, lilting tones. “We welcome you to The Sacred Valley of Healing, Buttons. We have been expecting you. What you seek is here in readiness for you. But first we have prepared  a day of celebration and feasting in your honour. On the morrow, when you are ready to depart, you will  be taken to the Sacred Garden where the Purple Healer grows.” Without further ado, she turned around and left with her entourage following her.

albino peacock


You are invited to join Buttons on his Very Important Mission each Wednesday.

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 © Raili Tanska

Images – Pixabay




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