Echoes of Road Trip Packing

cleaning for road trip

I don’t know what it’s like in your place when you’re getting ready to go away. This is what it’s like at mine. Tess is miserable and glued to my side. She knows something is up. She also knows she won’t like it. Then there’s the piles of washing. Where does it all come from ?! And the cleaning. I hate coming back to a dirty house.

PAcking for road trip

Then there’s the packing. Food. Clothes. Other essentials. And because there will be lots of room, we can even take the kitchen sink if we want! TRH (The Retired Husband) and I are going on our first road trip in Big Red. Marc is graduating from his Air Force basic training. Can’t believe it’s already been 3 months! Big Red is going to speed her way over to Wagga Wagga in Victoria in time for us to attend the ceremony next Wednesday. This trip will be a sightseeing, relative visiting holiday as well. By the time we come home Big Red will probably have clocked up 3000 kilometres.

On a side note – my roses are just starting burst into flower. The blooms this spring are ENORMOUS !


Then there’s me –

An essential trip to the hairdresser was called for. Dara was so excited! That’s my hairdresser. She got to try out a new technique she has just learnt for applying highlights. The main colour is hidden underneath the top layers in a starburst pattern. Hence we decided to call it The Star Burst!  Mine is a bright copper colour. Additional to that is the blonde, some of which has a hint of the copper added.

When I move my head, or the wind blows, it reveals layers of different colours. Still showing are hints of the previous highlight too which has faded to a very soft pink.

It’s pretty awesome! My face is a bit blotchy as Dara had just finished blow drying it.

Big Red has been spruced ready for her first big outing too.

new car 2

The travel itinerary – call it leisurely

Estimated time of departure ?

Sunday morning some time.

Estimated time of return ?

Two to three weeks, depending on how we feel.

The house ?

Christopher (son #2) is staying home. Tess will guard it.

Our neighbour will keep the garden and my pot plants alive.

Blogging? My lap top is coming along. So expect to travel along with us. I look forward to introducing you to some interesting places, sights and people.

© Raili Tanska



25 thoughts on “Echoes of Road Trip Packing

  1. You’ve inspired me. I’m gonna have my hair done like that. Bright yellow, lime green and crimson. I haven’t told the wife yet. I’m sure she’ll love it. Enjoy your trip. I look forward to hearing about it.

  2. It’s such a pain packing. When we went on our first cruise (for 7 days) we took TONS of luggage. I even bought matching jewelry for every outfit! LOL Now we’re going to the UK for 12 days and I’m thinking how many days can I get away with wearing the same outfit??? SO thankful we don’t have to deal with food! Poor Tess. She will miss you. But you need this. And your hair is lovely. I wish I was brave. I’d be tempted to do that!

    1. I have a friend who packs only 3 outfits to go away for weeks and fits everything into 1 small case. She uses those packing cells to organise everything. Tess is already looking miserable 😦 Why don’t you treat yourself to something different for when you go on your trip ? It’s fun – I’ve had pink, purple, now copper. I’m thinking rainbows next 🙂 compared to some of what I see out there, mine is positively conservative !

  3. That sounds very exciting. I look forward to reading your updates about your journey. Incidentally, I can’t believe your son Marc has already finished his basic training. It seems just a week or two ago that you were blogging about his going away. 🙂

    1. I have my laptop with me. The motel we have been staying in at Wagga Wagga has free wifi. Otherwise I tether through my mobile ph but it limits my time. So far it hasn’t been too bad. Tomorrow we move on…

      1. I had thought about it !! And we do have the facilities for it, but I think it would be very awkward and sun glare would be a problem. It IS a backup however 🙂

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