Buttons – Part 4: Magick



(In human language this reads –

A Very Important Mission : Button Nose)

Buttons, the Woodland Elf,  is on a special treasure hunt- so far he has found a small round, speckled, moss green stone under the Magick Old Man Oak, Wild Bear Garlic and Crystal droplets.



Smiling to himself, he recalled the fourth set of instructions –




Purple be the colour of this beauty from the forest
Magick does she bring to those who know her, how to use her
Hiding deep, only those who seek her purely find her


Buttons knew of this beautiful mushroom. He had never seen one himself. It was spoken of in hushed tones by the Old Ones who sang songs of her powerful Magick late at night during the most sacred of ceremonies. He knew he would need to take the rest of this day to prepare himself.  It was best, he decided, that he return to the Elf Traveller’s Hut. As soon as he opened the door, he saw that new provisions had been left. More Magick! This  Very Important Mission was becoming more Magickal by the day! He was fast coming to the conclusion that it was best to expect the unexpected. No sooner than he thought that, he was again caught by surprise when he checked the provisions. Everything he needed to prepare himself for the morrow was there as well. Including clothing, head and foot wear. The very next thought he had was that perhaps the Elf Traveller’s Hut must be the place he was to return to each night. Later he was to learn that this was not to be the case at all on this trip.  Buttons was getting more and more excited as he thought about what was ahead of him.

First, he must scrub himself thoroughly from top to toe. He noticed there was a bath tub in the corner of the hut with a bucket of water, a towel and soap nuts next to it. He was convinced it had not been there the night before. Quick as a dash he had the bath ready. It felt good to have a proper wash seeing as he had not had one since he left home two days ago. The dunking in the stream did not count. Having dried himself, he next put all his clothes into the tub and washed them too. Then he hung them out to dry on the bushes outside.  It was a sunny day. They would dry quickly. Buttons had decided not to get dressed in his special clothing till he was ready to leave the next morning. In the meantime, he would keep himself wrapped in the bath towel until his clothes were dry. The next order of business was to have something to eat. On the table had been laid a special meal just for this occasion. There was honey cakes, berries and nuts, and a jug of Mountain Berry juice. What a feast! Eating slowly, he savoured each mouthful. As he swallowed the last morsel, his eyelids started to droop. Perhaps a quick nap would do no harm was the last thing he thought before he fell into a deep sleep.

Buttons woke with a start. Still wrapped in the bath towel, he quickly got up. It was dusk outside. He must have slept longer than he realised, thought Buttons. Opening the door, he stopped, confused. Something was not right. It was night time, yet the sun was beginning to rise. It was then that Buttons realised he had been asleep all the rest of the day yesterday, and then all night. No wonder he was hungry! Someone had brought his clothes inside for they lay neatly folded on a chair. The table had been reset for a sumptuous breakfast. There was enough left for him to pack into his rucksack for the rest of the day. Having tidied the hut, Buttons now needed to get dressed in the strangest outfit he had ever seen.


Feeling just a little foolish, Buttons checked his image in the looking glass. My! What a dashing fellow, he thought. Not at all like his usual self. He even felt different. More confident somehow, and lighter. Bursting into song, he danced around the hut. With the alderwood sceptre in hand, he bowed to his image. It was then he noticed the strange glow on the ornamental tip. Alderwood, he knew, held powerful magicke for journeys, confidence and bestowing of bravery. On an impulse he touched it to the rucksack. With a whoosh! it was on his back and he was flying through the air. How he got out of the hut he never knew. One  minute he was in the hut. The next he was flying through the air.  As he flew high above the canopy of the forest trees, he started to recall whispers of visions he had had whilst sleeping. He realised the food and drink he’d eaten before falling asleep must have had Magickal properties. Concentrating hard on the memories that emerged, Buttons knew he had been transported to Wisdom Kingdom whilst he slept. He had received guidance and instructions for today’s Very Important Mission. It  had been imparted to him in Sacred Ceremony and Song. The song he had been dancing to in the hut – and the dance – were from the Wisdom Kingdom. He knew that now. It was a song he had never heard before. That was what had turned on the Sceptre! That was how it had received his instructions for the first part of today’s journey. What a truly remarkable day it was going to be!

You are invited to join Buttons on his Very Important Mission each Wednesday.

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© Raili Tanska

Images – Pixabay

18 thoughts on “Buttons – Part 4: Magick

  1. Ah, Buttons! Such a magical fellow will surly succeed in your mission! How did you know that one of the first things the truly wise learn is to fill their hearts with joy until they dance? Can’t wait to read more! Jo

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