Beer-can cabbage

Beer-can cabbage.

What’s that, you ask?  Me too! I’d never heard of beer-can cabbage until today. Apparently it’s the latest food craze. Allow me to enlighten you. It IS edible food. Food that is cooked in a rather unique way. A cooking method that could only have been invented by a fair dinkum beer lover. Have a look at this –

I found the beer-can cabbage recipe in a free book I picked up in the supermarket when doing my weekly shop today. It differs a little from the version in the video. Here’s what  they have to say –

The beer in the can steams the cabbage from the inside as the barbecue glazes the outside. Serve in wedges as a side or shredded in burgers and steak sandwiches.

Ured-1619527__180se a sharp knife and spoon to cut and scoop out a 7cm wide  7cm deep cavity from the base of a whole red cabbage large enough to hold a beer can. Open beer  can and pour half the beer into a jug. Stand cabbage on the open can on a baking tray. Combine 1/2 cup  (125ml) BBQ sauce with 1/4 cup (60 ml) reserved beer. Brush over cabbage . Cook in a covered BBQ at 180 deg C  using indirect heat brushing with sauce mixture every 15 minutes for 45 minutes or until tender and charred. Cool slightly, then carefully remove the cabbage from the can. And do be very careful. It’s hot!

Get this! You can use the same method for cooking chicken. Seriously.

Beer-can chicken

Succulent and juicy the original beer can BBQ dish is a showstopper. Rub a whole chicken with spices (eg. Moroccan,Cajun, Texas Rub), stand the chicken cavity on open can as in the beer-can cabbage and roast in a covered BBQ until cooked through. If you haven’t got a covered BBQ you can use the oven.


© Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay

Recipe from Coles Think Fresh October 2016

28 thoughts on “Beer-can cabbage

  1. I have seen the chicken versión and also with coca cola !! And we worry about what we eat !! (Actually i have to admit it was quite good)
    Give it a try………at least you dont need to pour yourself a drink !! Have fun

  2. Tried this but kept going wrong. After a dozen attempts I gave up!
    The next day, after a few alkaseltzers, I discovered what I was doing wrong. You were meant to leave half the beer in the can!
    I don’t know – somehow it seemed a waste.

      1. I find it an essential ingredient in a good hearty winter stew. Along with red capsicum, onion, parsnips, turnips….. and whatever else happens to be around 🙂

  3. Good grief! I’m going to have to try this! I’m no fan of kimchi but I like pickled cabbage so I’m thinking beer cabbage is going to be a win! I’ll let you know. (Still eating vegemite)

    1. they reckon the chicken is awesome, but that’s no good to you, is it ?! I want to try both – probably around Christmas / New Year. Son #1 will be home for a few weeks so that will be a good excuse. We’re off to attend his graduation from basic training soon and making a holiday of it at the same time. Time flies – it doesn’t seem like 3 months since he left.

      1. OH my goodness! When are you off? I’m so excited for you! No it definitely doesn’t seem like three months already! You must be uber-proud of him for graduating though I had no doubt this is such good news to hear! Please say congratulations from me and I hope you have a wonderful visit, do you know where he will go on to be stationed next? How does he feel? Is he proud of himself? I do hope so, he should be, not everyone gets through it’s HARD! xxx SO happy for you my friend.

      2. We’re off this coming Sunday. Graduation is on the 26th. We’re making it a more leisurely trip. It’s about a ten hour drive but we are planning to travel at a more leisurely pace ‘cos we can now. So some touristing along the way. Visiting my sister and family after. Then driving home along the Great Ocean Rd. Yes, proud mum and dad. Pleased Marc. It’s been pretty full on. They really are merciless. He’s off to Melbourne for trades training – electronics communication – for 9 months or so. It sounds like he’ll be home over Christmas for a few weeks as the base he goes to next closes down for a while during that time. After the training is complete comes a first posting somewhere. There’ll be a series of stories and photos of the whole trip posted on my blog of course 🙂
        Thank you so much Candice, that’s so sweet of you – I will definitely pass on your message.

      3. Electronics Communication is a good post – and he’ll be in Melbourne? Good. I bet it was full on I have heard they really only take the strongest. He should be very proud. I’m glad he will hopefully be able to get down to see you at Xmas though. EXCITING! So very happy for you. Proud and smiling xxxx

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