Echoes of Calm (the storm is over)


Spring flowers - lilies

The Beautiful Peruvian Lily in the top left corner is  thriving. Some years ago I was gifted three bulbs. They have made themselves at home in our front yard, multiplying to a dozen or more. Each bloom is made up of dozens of small blue flowers which gradually open from the base up.  The storm event of South Australia is now over. Thank goodness! Gardens are starting to bloom.

building foundation

Two houses down from us the empty block is starting to show signs of development. The foundations have been dug. The slab has been poured. And the subdivision is up for sale.

garden shed constructionThree months has almost flown by since Marc signed up for the Air Force. It has been a pretty full on basic training experience for him. No holds barred – perform or else. In just under three weeks he graduates. I’m sure I don’t know what has happened to the time! Big Red will be off for her first road trip, taking us to Wagga Wagga for the Air Force graduation ceremony on the 26th of this month. Our proud moment of watching the military drills, smart salutes, handing out of certificates will be duly recorded and posted for all to see. We will also have an opportunity to spend some time with him before he is whisked off to Melbourne to start his training in electronics communication. My posts may well change to a travel log after that as we wend our way around a few places visiting family and sight seeing.

And of course the BIG NEWS is that TRH (The Retired Husband) has finally got the shell of the garden shed constructed. Sans that pesky wind. The internals are yet to be done. So expect to see more photos as it unfolds in all its filled glory.

©  Raili Tanska






11 thoughts on “Echoes of Calm (the storm is over)

  1. Florida is getting hammered by Matthew…looks like we may be spared the brunt if this hurricane, but we’ve still got coastal flood warnings and will be feeling his effects……looking forward to traveling along with you Raili!!! 😊

    1. Saw it on the news tonight. I so feel for everyone caught up in it – it leaves our little storm event for dead 😦 I hope you all will be spared the worst of it.

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