Battling the Elements

The garden shed flat pack
The garden shed flat pack

As some of you know, we have had unusually stormy weather here of late. Today was no exception. However, The Retired One (TRH) decided that he would brave the elements. Because it was too wet to work on the paving in the orchard, he opted to make a start on the new garden shed.

So off he went to Bunnings in his old work ute which has yet to find a new owner. On return home I went to see – and take some photos. He was disgruntled. It’s worse than an IKEA flat pack! None of the holes match, he said.  What’s more, it’s not even partially assembled. Usually they are.

In hindsight perhaps this should have sounded a warning bell. However, it didn’t. Several hours later, I went out with mobile phone in hand to photograph the progress. Surprisingly, there didn’t seem to be  much progress. In between showers of rain there were gusts of strong wind.

I hate this wind, he said, as he ran after yet another errant sheet of yet to be constructed garden shed. The frame was built. A couple of sides attached. It seems I had arrived at just the right time. I was tasked to stand and hold onto the stack of sheeting waiting to be attached. Then I was tasked to hold the frame while be bob riveted some footings Put your bum against those, and hold onto this, were my instructions. There I stood bent in an impossible 45 degree angle battling gusts of wind front and back.

Re-aligning holes in readiness to construct
Re-aligning holes in readiness to construct

This is ridiculous, I said. Why don’t you stop and do this another day when it isn’t so windy? All you’re doing is battling the wind. 

And all I got was a glare. Then he said I only need a couple of men for 20 minutes and it will be done.

Obviously he wasn’t about to give up. So I went to the neighbours and asked the two men if they had time to give a helping hand to TRH. Always happy to oblige, off they went. Only for one of them to return 5 minutes later.

The job is off. The wind damaged one of the sheets. Oh, and my son cut his hand trying to stop it, he said.

Moral of this story?  It takes a wise man to know when battling the elements is a waste of time and effort.

©  Raili Tanska



15 thoughts on “Battling the Elements

    1. Yeah, our neighbour’s shed roof just got blown off and is now hanging in the overhead lines 😦 Waiting for emergency services… fortunately it’s an empty house at present

  1. Sometimes men just think they can do anything, don’t they? Long after reasonable women would go inside and make hot chocolate, men are still fussin’ and fartin’ around in the storms! There’s something wrong with men!!!

      1. He looked cross – he’s a stubborn git. He’d been battling the wind for hours getting nowhere. I got two men from our neighbours to come over and help. Before they had time to do anything the wind picked up one of the sheets, one of them caught it but cut his hand in the process. He gave up after that 🙂

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