It’s a Mystery


Can you hear the middle note of a mosquito’s hum?

I can’t – it’s a mystery! But I know it’s there

The world is full of mysteries and wonder.


are extraordinary

in their mystery

brains the largest in proportion to their body weight

 long and flexible their hairy tongue

 250 times a minute

hearts in flight


in synchrony with their breath

200 times a second

flap their wings

shoulder joints rotating 180 degrees

flying forward, backward

staying in place

diving at 60 mph

A most marvellous mysterious creation


now there’s another mystery

perfect hexagonals of wax

backwards tilting so not to spill

she, a marvelous flying machine,

carries payloads equivalent

to her own weight

300 of the flying marvels

in three weeks

collecting 450gm of honey

dancing, circling directions to each other

on a wagtail run of pulsing sound


an enormous extended family

of 20,000 species

carry burdens 20 times their weight with ease

Oh, I could go on and on

about the mysteries

that surround us

The most wonderful of all

is to see

the world of mystery

as through

the eyes of a child



first time

Written for Sandbox Challenge 56 : You and Mystery

© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay


17 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery

  1. Nature is wonderful. I loved being in it, marvelling at it and being part of it.
    Did you know that bumble bees cannot fly? Aerodynamically and shape, size, muscle power, wingspan, they can’t get off the ground. Biologists couldn’t explain.
    I formed my own theory. I reckon they run across the ground very fast (this creates the buzzing sound – it’s their little feet pounding away) and project a thin layer of mist in the air about them. They then project an image of themselves up on to that thin layer which acts as a mirror. It gives the impression of them flying.
    I’m always studying the ground to see them when one ‘flies’ past. But the little buggers are so quick I haven’t managed to see one yet.

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