About Friends 3


This is another Must Watch !

Mondays with Mother

Posted for the 3 Quotes 3 Days Challenge –

thank you Jane from Making it Write for the nomination.

The theme for my quotes is : Friends. Chosen just for you Jane.

She is an amazing poet and a good friend. Do go and have a look at her blog.

Rather than nominate three people a day to this challenge, I  open it up to any of my readers who like quotes and want to take part to hop on board !

Raili Tanska

12 thoughts on “About Friends 3

  1. Thank you Raili – that’s an amazingly well chosen quote, and I agree with Aristotle.
    Sadly, it seems I’m rather a disappointing friend; it’s taken me a day to get to this post…
    Oh, and BTW, my stomach is hurting from laughing at Mike Rowe’s video.

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