Echoes of Our Street


Momentum has increased this week in our little cul-de-sac. It has been a positive hive of activity. The Retired Husband (TRH) and I took a trip to the rainwater tank seller to see what had happened to our order. It was several weeks overdue. That in itself is bad enough. But lack of new tank is holding up the progress of other projects. It seems the order had been misplaced somewhere along the never-ending line of where orders go when they are sent into the ethers. To their credit, two days later – new tank arrives in our yard! TRH is so excited he turned his planned day topsy turvy to install it immediately. That’s him up there on the right levering it into position.  The top left is a close up of all the installed plumbing and water level thingy. We now have 14,500 litre capacity for rain water storage, enough to last us 8 months of the year if we get good rains.

Oh, and the  wheelbarrow is evidence of work done while waiting for the tank to come. He discovered that the orchard had some old concrete buried around the clothes hoist which had to be jackhammered out. I missed that photo shoot opportunity, so I took this one instead.


In between installing and plumbing in the water tanks TRH also managed to fit in some hedge clipping. This is him vacuuming up the chopped off bits. The top right is the newly dug and deepened paving area. Looks pretty neat, doesn’t it. I helped to square it, I did. Proud moment. What that meant was I held the tape measure on the outside corner of the little post while he measured the distance to the opposite corners to make sure it was all the same. Because so much soil had to be dug out, we had tons of it left to spread around the rest of the yard. A few barrow loads went to fill some uneven ground around the lime tree. We still got quite a few barrow loads left to share with the neighbours. It’s too good to discard.


And a few houses down from us on the left is a house that has been vacant for two and a half years. Its owner died during a heat wave. Being an eccentric loner, we didn’t know till some weeks later that all was not well. A police welfare check discovered a badly decomposed body in the bedroom. The house has been empty since. The new owner tidied up the yard and put it on the market just last week. Today we noticed it has been sold. Across the road from it the empty block of land – that’s it on the top right – has been waiting for a new house to be built on it all year. It is finally showing some signs of activity. Two months ago they delivered one of those portable tradie toilets. It’s the white rectangle thingy on the left side of the bottom photo. As it has been so cold and wet the postman I’m sure was grateful  to have it there! (I know ‘cos I saw him nip in.)  Today they started digging the foundation so the toilet will finally have regular customers.

© Raili Tanska


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