FLOODS in Adelaide

This drenched koala was front page of today’s paper. With some human encouragement it eventually made its way into the safety of a nearby eucalyptus tree.



Floods have hit South Australia. We live in the driest state of Australia. Not that you’d know it at the moment. Severe weather warnings were issued across the state here on Tuesday night this week. Wind gusts up to 100kph were expected  in areas ranging across Adelaide metropolitation area, the Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island, the Riverland, Murraylands, Yorke Peninsula, Mid North and Upper South East districts of the State. That’s a huge chunk of this state.

Admittedly in this house we tend to be a bit cynical when it comes to weather forecasts. Well, TRH (The Retired Husband) more so than me. I consider myself to be an eternal optimist. Although when it comes to weather forecasting I do have to agree that it is not an exact science.  Really, they are not exactly the most accurate, are they!

However, this time we were proved wrong.

Adelaide metropolitan area was hit the hardest I can ever recall. I have lived here since 1970.  Houses were flooded in unexpected areas.  My  baby brother-in-law’s shop suffered minor damage, but the business next door to his was not so lucky. The complex they are in was girded front and back with running rivers of water. The car park at the back was knee deep in water, lapping at the door sill. The major road in front was a torrent.


This is  from an area only about fifteen minutes drive north east from where we live.

The photo was posted by the local council –

Twitter: Tea Tree Gully Council (@ttgcouncil)

Scenes like this were common place in many areas.


Several major roads had to be closed as they had turned into flowing rivers. Adelaide metropolitan area was hit the hardest I can ever recall. I have lived here since 1970. Houses were flooded in unexpected areas.

This vacant block in our little corner of the world shows the evidence of yesterday’s rainfall. The winter has been so wet this year that it takes a while for fresh falls of rain to be absorbed. I took this photo after lunch today.

Fortunately for us, loanswhere we live is high up enough so that we just got the rain without the flooding.  TRH and I even braved going to the shops in the middle of the day. Apart from the fact that it was bitterly cold (it might as well have been mid winter) the shops were very quiet, making shopping quite pleasant.

The weatherman certainly earned his keep this time!

Rains are forecast to continue for the next week. So far today, it has been dry although the skies are looking gloomy.


©  Raili Tanska



41 thoughts on “FLOODS in Adelaide

    1. Today has been calm- there will be a lot of cleaning up happening. Then of course the damage estimates and the usual bun fights with insurance will for those affected.

  1. Hi Raili and TRH

    Toivottavasti tähän mennessä pahin on jo ohi. Luonnon voimat voivat olla pelottavia! Menivätkö puutarhanne istutukset sateen mukana? Tänään sää täällä on muuttunut syksyiseksi. Tympäisee ajatella pimeää ja sateista syksyä.

    Kiitos, Raili, upeasta Isänpäivän kirjoituksesta! Olen jatkolähettänyt sitä parille ystävälle. Uskalsin tehdä sen, koska blogisi on julkinen.

    Lämpimiä terveisiä, Leena

    torstai 15. syyskuuta 2016 soulgifts – Telling Tales kirjoitti:

    > Soul Gifts posted: ” Floods have hit South Australia. We live in the > driest state of Australia. Not that you’d know it at the moment. Severe > weather warnings were issued across the state here on Tuesday night this > week. Wind gusts up to 100kph were exp” >

    1. Kiitos Leena. Jatkolähetykset ovat aina tervetulleita. Mäkelän Ilkka otti yhteyttä sen jälkeen. He ovat tulossa tänne. Toivottavasti tapaamme joulukuussa. Puutarha on säilynyt hyvässä kunnossa. Sade meidän alueella ei ollut niin kova kuin muualla. Tänään on ollut miedompi ja kuiva. Terveisin kaikilta täällä – R

  2. Love OZ! When we were there a couple of years ago we were stalked by disasters – bush-fires, heat-waves, electric storms, floods, droughts and a huntsman spider! Our friends thought we were causing it.

    1. No, today has been calm and a bit warmer. Skies are overcast still and they say there will be more rain but I think the worst is over. There is a lot of damage to homes, business, infrastructure. None of our friends or relatives have been affected though, apart from the minor damage to Kim’s shop.

  3. It’s a relief to know you’re safe, and your property is undamaged, Raili. I hope Australia’s clean-up operation runs smoothly. Thank goodness it didn’t reach the proportions of Korea’s flood disaster xxx

      1. I guess it was at the time the photo got taken.It had just climbed up onto the perch There was another in the following day’s paper showing it happily perched high up in the gum tree.

      1. We are good here. The usual muggy weather that August, September. Even October brings. I can’t wait for the cool weather to come and eventually turn cold. As cold as it gets down here in south Louisiana. 😊🙋🏻

      1. I think so too. I’ve seen some awful pictures of people’s cars crushed up against the undersides of bridges etc.

  4. It frustrates me that so often the local and national news doesn’t cover enough of what is going on in other countries, shamefacedly I admit i didn’t know you guys were having floods. I am sorry to hear this. We had them really badly earlier this year and then France where my parents live, got hit as well, seems like it happens with increasing regularity.
    I told you I was watching that marvelous TV show set in Tasmania? It shows that it rains there a whole heck of a lot, such a beautiful place and a really good show (but I always was partial to Oz TV).
    the pitiful drenched Koala I just want to TAKE HIM HOME AND KEEP HIM !

    1. Koala’s name is Jimmy (‘cos of the huge amount of international interest the story created) The photographer has set up a gofundme site for a wildlife volunteer organisation now. Jimmy is safe and free.
      We don’t get good coverage here either on international stories so I am equally as shamefaced 😦 Hope you’re all OK
      Tassie is beautifully green and the climate is mild – it is reminiscent of Europe
      I don’t understand how WP functions – how does a blog get onto newsfeed (I don’t even know what that means) Maybe mine is not big enough to make it there ?

      1. I’m so glad Jimmy is okay that picture slayed me! Yours is big enough I think it’s the jealous geni fairies who bother us, because they wish they could be loved as much as we are by the other xo

    1. Thanks for your visit and comment. We’ve actually had a very dry month again. Would be happy to share our abundance if only we could! Happy blogging to you too 🙂

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