Echoes of TRH


I was wondering the other day just what The Retired Husband (TRH) has been up to lately. He’s always fiddling with something or other in his Man Cave. I have been taking happy snaps so I had a browse through them. And you’ll never guess what I discovered!  Well, not really discovered ‘cos I knew he kept himself amused. It’s not as if I’ve been oblivious to his potterings around the place.  I just hadn’t really stopped to connect all the dots. And now I have.

He’s been a busy little TRH. Lots of mini projects on the go. So let me walk you through them. On the left we have him  busy with the gurney. Everything was grubby and dusty. So he spent all day cleaning the carport and getting himself wet. The carport clean up was necessary – apart from the fact that it was necessary because it was dirty and needed doing – it was necessary because he had to spread his work from the Man Cave to the undercover protection of the carport. For dust free painting.

Painting job number one top right: canvas from the boat that has weathered and faded. It had to be cleaned (gurneyed) and then repainted with a very expensive paint. Of course the shop did not have enough to complete  the job. So a very disgruntled TRH had to wait a week for more to come from interstate before he could finish it. Tess thought the finished job looked good when she inspected it.

Painting job number two: Fencing railings to go around the orchard. When TRH is ready for the next phase of this fencing the orchard project, it will become clearer just how this will work. It involves creating a hidey hole for those ugly big wheelie rubbish bins.

Painting job number three: a secret project yet to be revealed.


Now this here is the orchard which is next to the carport. TRH has removed an existing hedge that was where the bare dirt can be seen in the top right. He wanted lots of hedges. So he planted them. And trimmed them. And got sick of endless trimming. Now he wants less hedges and more rainwater tanks. And a garden shed. That’s what the concrete pavers are for. The garden shed will sit on top of them, its purpose being to declutter the Man Cave. Apparently it’s foo full of stuff. Given that I won’t let him extend the Man Cave to take over our Master Bedroom to give him the much needed extra space, this was the next best solution.


Re-doing the pavers in the orchard is just another little project. As is the eternal way of things, one job leads to another. So it is here too. Our orchard is in need of a make-over. The existing pavers, lovely as they were, are now deemed inadequate for the job. So out they come. They are not rejects however. They will continue to grace the orchard along with some new ones, filling the area and better controlling the weeds.TRH is digging them out. Apart from painting, digging is his next most hated job. He has been doing both all his working life. And they both continue to follow him around like a faithful dog.


The Man Cave. Two essential new toys have taken up residence. (Perhaps now you can understand the need to declutter…) The orange thingy in the top pictures is a fancy smanshy sanding tool. TRH found a hardware shop he didn’t know existed in Adelaide!! I didn’t think that was possible. But it was. And to top it off, it wasn’t just any old hardware shop. Oh no, no, no!!! It was an AMERICAN hardware shop. Which meant it sold things that other hardware shops do not sell. Probably don’t even know the things exist.  Great was the excitement of this wondrous discovery. This new toy? It sands awkward spots. As you  may see if you look closely, it has an assortment of different sizes and styles of things for those awkward sanding jobs.

The second new toy is a duster buster. Yes, you heard me. It sucks the dust into that big bag and stops it from blowing around in the Man Cave, outside, in the carport, into the respiratory tracts of suspecting and unsuspecting victims. It hooks up to the machine creating the dust and sucks it right up into that big collapsible bag. This wondrous discovery came in the nick of time, saving TRH from making one himself. Intensive research on the net had caused quite some angst. You see the brand new suckers were BIG and expensive. TRH was seriously looking into making one himself. I have no doubt at all that he could and would be able to do that. He has made lots of other far more complex machines  over the years. However, as he was browsing GumTree for used toys that go ‘vroomvroom’ he came across this little sucker. One owner. Barely used. Small and compact. Perfect apparently.

There is a third new toy in the planning. Whether this will complete the Man Cave’s inhabitants remains to be seen. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. There is finite room for new toys. He will have to control it. The urge to buy more ‘must haves’ that is. Unless he discards one to make room for the new one. Or builds another shed.


Last but not least, the other big news is – The Exterminator has been SOLD!

For many, many years TRH has dreamed of owning a trike. You know – the three wheeled kind that Billy Connolly uses to tour around Ireland. It has been researched and agonised over endlessly. A trip to Sydney even with son number one was deemed a necessary part of this meticulous research. The dilemma has been that Australia is divided into states. Each state has its own rules. They do not see eye to eye with each other or span across the continent in any sort of standardised or sensible manner. So in order for TRH to be legal in our state when riding a trike, he first has to have a motorbike licence. In order to have a motor bike licence he needed to pass the tests. And get his L plates. Which could not be converted to a full licence until 12 months later. In order to keep and further hone his motorbike riding skills during this phase it was essential, he said, that he own his own motorbike. Of course. So he found The Exterminator. Previously owned by a doctor whose wife was relieved to see it move on to greener pastures. The Exterminator is a beautiful thing, I’m told. It and he have been close buddies now for long enough to earn the much coveted full licence. Having achieved that, he is now  home and hosed for legal riding of a three wheeler trike in the state of South Australia. Interstate he could have done that with his car licence.

The plan all along has been that once legal and fully licenced for trike riding in SA, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, The Exterminator will be sold. And so it was last week. He is grieving. Another younger husband is now her proud owner. What his wife thinks I do not know.

No doubt TRH will soon recover. Then the next project will be to find the perfect trike.

© Raili Tanska


24 thoughts on “Echoes of TRH

  1. HE’S GETTING RID OF THAT BEAUTIFUL BIKE AND REPLACING IT WITH A TRIKE! Is he mad? Billy Connolly has an excuse – he’s undoubtedly mad – aswell as being funny and loveable, of course. And have I just said the wrong thing? 🙂

    1. No, not at all ! Although mad, he’s also sorry to have got rid of it, but the pull of the trike is irresistible. Is that further testament to the madness ? Perhaps he has some of the same trike genes as the great Billy Connolly ?!

  2. GOOD GRIEF! He’s a talented man!
    Can you clone him and send me one?
    I have tried to do some of the things he has done and not done them nearly as well. Love what he did in the garden.
    AT least you know you married him for his skills as well as everything else! BONUS!

      1. I think he’s a winner and a keeper. Lord I wish I had such an enterprising soul because so much needs doing and I try but I’m not nearly as gifted.

      2. The thought of having to start over with someone new is horrifying 😦 We married in 1973 (probably before you were born! I couldn’t possibly start training a new one – I haven’t finished with this one yet. He’s a slow learner in some things 🙂

      3. (the year I was born!) wow! well you’d never have to start over with anyone else, I’m a softie I believe in long relationships and commitment, in soul mates and destiny and fate, as much as free will. I think sometimes you are meant for one person in this life, I love that idea, and I love it when I can see someone who has that kind of relationship because it seems to be such a positive thing in a world that sometimes can challenge our belief in it. (you made me laugh again with the training husband bit!) I bet he feels BLESSED to be with you because you are more than one person rolled into one with all that you know and do, you couldn’t be boring if you tried. and I bet he knows what side his bread is buttered!

      4. It’s a two way thing – we both have our flaws too !! But I think we were meant to be – the attraction was pretty well instant 🙂 And to be married the year you were born – now, isn’t that interesting !!

      5. Flaws are normal I would freak out if I knew someone who didn’t have any! BORING! It is cool about the year I was born, (a GREAT and auspicious year no less! ha ha ha!)

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