Endless pounding and crashing. The waves rolled in and out ceaselessly. Each time they rolled and worried the heavy, large rock. Little chunks would work loose. It had started off as an ugly , mis-shapen lump. Time had re-shaped it. Turned it into a smoother, more rounded rock.  And still the waves kept rolling in, picking it up, dropping it down. Even moving it into slightly different positions and spots.  And every time a grain or two would fall off.

Time continued to reshape it. Hone and polish it. It began to reveal an inner beauty. Layers of different coloured sediment and embedded foreign matter that had hardened, merging with the original.  It’s size changed too.  Became smaller. Rounder. More polished.


Still time continued to reshape it. Without ceasing. Sometimes the reshaping was gentle. At other times it was remorselessly rough and stormy. At those times the rock was tossed and heaved about cruelly. Crashing and smashing around it lost big chunks of its outer layers changing its smooth, polished surface and shape into something less beautiful to behold. Until once again time and the waves worked their spell.

Slowly,  a deep inner glow began to emerge. There was something exquisitely wonderful hidden in the inner core. It was hard. Yet it was soft. It glowed and sparkled.  It did not weigh heavy any more. The waves picked it up and carried it to shore.  No more was it pounded, worried, tossed about and reshaped ceaselessly.


It’s inner beauty was revealed for all to see. It shone. And when the sunlight hit it at just the right angle, it reflected all the colours of the rainbow.

A fable about life, learning, lessons, growth  – Written for Sandbox Challenge 54 

© Raili Tanska


13 thoughts on “RE-SHAPING

  1. Love the way you bring about this inner beauty. You show something concrete, waves re-shaping the rock (that had stood the test of time) into a beautiful and polished gem. Brilliant!

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