They had gathered to find it –  the perfect punchline …

“That’s just sucky suckage!” Josh muttered, exasperated.

“Oh no, not really.  I thought  it was more of a cromagnon man moment myself,’ whispered the Metal Flower Maker as she tried to net herself a butterfly to study for her next project.

“ I say we just get on with the job,” quipped Candice, waving her feather in the air.

Meanwhile  Lady Calen of sandbox fame, whispering  secrets to her friend, the Dragonfly,  was blissfully unaware that anything was going on. As was Plato, always a cool dude, who was grooving along to the music swirling sweetly in his mind waiting for it to emerge.

“But hang on a minute! At least his follicular extravaganza will make it easy to recognise and find him. I mean to say, that mop of hair is not exactly hard to miss, “  BunKaryudo placated.

“I heard him mumbling as he left – gotta find a home’ … I think was what it was. He’ll probably not be back any time soon, if ever.” explained Dennis.

“What a sad story. I’m fart-broken,” gasped The Earl.

Fifty words is all we need you know, “ added Nick. “Surely we can do that without him?”

“What? Finish the story?!” Amir said, horrified at the very thought of it.

“Well, it must be promptly written,” Lori emphasised. “There’s a deadline to be met.”

“Totally,” Jane of haiku fame agreed. “ Making it right, and on time, is important. ”

“That’s just craptacular! How are we going to do that?” Amarie snapped, exasperated. “All we’re doing is going round in circles getting nothing done!”

‘Perhaps a six word ending will do the trick, it’s only micro fiction after all, ”  suggested Richard. “ That’s not so hard.”

Now we’re talking!”  HP enthused as he danced a jig.

By jove, I’ve got it! Dr Seuss to the rescue, said Soul Gifts :

The storm starts when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.


© Raili Tanska

A bit of nonsense put together from just some of the blogs I have enjoyed following and reading

 using some of their fabulous quotes, blog names and other trivia  ♥


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