An inner cleansing meditation

A guided meditation


Find somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed for half an hour or so.  A sacred space where you feel calm and peaceful. It may be a nook you have created at home, in the garden, by the seaside  …

Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Spine straight, arms and legs uncrossed. Take a few deep breaths, filling your lungs to capacity like balloons, and slowly exhaling the breath through your mouth. With each successive breath, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed …. Now, let your body breathe for you. It knows exactly what to do. After all, it has been doing just that all your life.

Close your eyes and ‘look down’ into your heart. From there imagine a golden cord that connects you to the Divine, whatever that is for you. And another, more solid cord, that connects you deep into the core of the Earth. Imagine that you are fully encased in a luminescent bubble, protecting you. Ask yourself what colours you want to be immersed in today. And add them into the air inside your bubble knowing that you will be bathed in it – inside and out.

Imagine that you are all alone on a private beach. You can hear the call of the seagulls and the pounding of the waves as they break on the shore. The taste of salt from the sea is on your lips as your skin is caressed by a gentle breeze. You dig your bare feet deep into the soft, white sand.  Soothing.  Calming. It is night. The inky, velvety black sky sparkles with millions of tiny diamond like stars. A shooting star crosses the sky. In time-honoured fashion you make a wish. The refection of the full moon shimmers on the surface of the ocean, rippling, breaking, coming together again in harmony with the waves.

In front of you is a bonfire surrounded by a circle of stones honed smooth by the pounding of waves over aeons of time. The flames leap and curl, sending sparks into the curling tendrils of smoke that spiral lazily upwards. Watching the play of orange, red and yellow flames leaping and shape shifting is hypnotising. The smell of the burning wood is strangely comforting and soothing. The serenity and peace of this place permeates you to your very core.

The fire beckons you. It invites you to discard unwanted, old, out of date dross that has collected in the nooks and crannies of your inner world. You scan your physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual bodies. Work with the sounds that surround you inviting the inner waves of your being to bring to your attention  the jetsam and flotsam that is ready to be released, those things that no longer serve you. As you become aware of each reach in and pull it out. Acknowledge and thank it for the service it has given you as you release it. Toss it into the transmuting fire to be cleansed.  Sit there for as long as you need to complete this inner clean. Feel how good it is to let go of the things that have cluttered your inner being and are now beyond their use by date. Take your time. There is no rush. You will know when your work is completed.

When you have finished, give thanks for the opportunity. Know that you can return to this place any time you wish.

Slowly bring yourself back to the here and now, feeling calm, refreshed and renewed.

©  Raili Tanska

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