Echoes of Spring

Echoes of Spring

Spring has sprung

The grass is riz

I wonder where the birdies is…..

And there they are !!!!!!!

I see them fluttering and bathing in the bird bath

outside my office window

and sipping on the nectar

In the spring flowering bushes.

The weather is  heralding  the start of spring here in Australia. Days are still cool but beautifully sunny. TRH has been busy on bended knee in the garden for the last two weeks. The sour sobs have finally been banished into the greens bin. MOUNTAINS of them!  He who wanted  hedges – metres and metres of them – has now decided that there are too many metres of them. A substantial number of metres have been removed. And he has trimmed the remainder  to a manageable height. Manageable being he can trim them without ladders and scaffolding. Oh – and he has found a new hedge trimmer from Bunnings! To keep company with the several other Hedge Trimmers In Residence in the garden shed. Each, I am told, has its own unique skill set to complement the others. The sum total provides a wholesome and balanced hedge trimming experience and outcome satisfying to all parties.

The fruit trees have been pruned too. Perhaps a tad late as they were starting to burst into flower. They were confused I think with the unusual weather pattern of cold and wet interspersed with sunny and warmish. We’ll see how much of a harvest we get this year. Apricots, nectarines, peaches and figs grown in our little orchard drip with juice and sweetness when they are ripe. I hope we get at least a few.

What with one thing and another I am late in pruning the roses this year. Like our fruit trees, the  confused roses have been flowering all through winter. Next week. Sadly one of our old standard roses has curled up its toes. A replacement has to be found quickly but not before we recondition the soil. Roses don’t take kindly to being planted in the same soil where one of their cousins lived. I’m happy to report that all our new standard roses are looking healthy and showing signs of new growth.

The lemon tree in our neighbour’s backyard is groaning under the weight of fruit. It is barely six foot and is covered in fruit. As they are away at the moment, we get to reap the harvest. Which is good as our yuzu tree has decided to have a fallow year. It  has hardly any fruit on it so the lemons will be a welcome replacement for the Japanese lime.

Tess has had her spring bath this morning. She wasn’t particularly happy with the dunking and shampooing. But as is the case with all dogs, she loves the after-the-event feel of it.  Like a demented banshee she runs shaking, slipping and sliding all around the house.

I expect spring cleaning fever to hit soon. ..

©  Raili Tanska

24 thoughts on “Echoes of Spring

  1. Tess does look sorry for herself!

    I half-pruned one of my roses this winter – now I’m wondering if I’ll tidy it up a bit before spring arrives properly. And I think the spring-cleaning bug’s going to bite me soon.

  2. I do love spring. Unfortunately we are heading for autumn and the dreaded dank days and then cold of winter.
    I think I might move to a warmer climate.

    1. LOL !! He has an interesting array of tools, that’s for sure. He is in the process of building a gardening tool shed for himself now, so that will provide me with some interesting material for a TRH post !!!

  3. You have ALL THAT in your garden? Good grief! That’s not green fingers that’s green fairy! I can’t believe you have such an abundance of fruit growing right in your yard! Oh I do envy you that, because I delight in seeing fruit grow. No idea why but it really does make me happy. I am trying to grow avocados (2 years in) and I do have Japanese Plums but that’s about it fruit-wise, as it’s not easy here. Pomegrantes usually thrive, but it’s very iffy with other fruit trees. Do take a picture of your garden proper or do you have a link?

    1. We do have a beautiful garden. Our block of land is big for a suburban yard. It’s wedge shaped being at the end of a crescent. If you look at the photo on my home page, that is a natural pergola growing in our front yard – my office window faces it. It’s an ornamental mulberry tree which makes teeny tiny little mulberries. I do pick them – a tedious job given their size – and make mulberry jelly from them. Got an orange tree too. I will do an Echoes of Garden post or something later in the year. Avocadoes take quite a while to start fruiting but worth the wait. I’d love to have a tree but they grow very big and we don’t have the space anymore.

      1. I love that! Mulberrys are beautiful I didn’t know they had ornamental mulberry trees. How beautiful! Oh I wish it were easy to send a jelly this way, I’d love to try Mulberry jelly, I love jellies especially damson and gooseberry and grape, would love to try Mulberry. Is it quite tart?

      2. It depends how I make it. Not too tart. The mulberry pergola is beautiful in summer when the fruit has stopped dropping. We sit under it. TRH has rigged it with a fine mist sprayer so it has natural air conditioning as well as shade 🙂

  4. I love the changes of the earth and
    Seasons. It is the end of summer I the great state of Louisiana. Might, humid, pea soup is what we experience. I cannot wait for winter and it’s sharp, cold sting! It is my favorite season. Except for the fact that my poor little nose feels the burn and Sri f of the dry air. I have to sleep with a humidifier sometimes. Or a vaporizer. Whichever one it is. But oh, my hair styles so well without the humidity! Enjoy your spring! Take care!

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