My Pillow


Owww, stiff neck.

What the heck!

I don’t get

why around

every corner I am met

with yet

another god-damn thing

to get over.

Leave me alone!

I’ve had enough


Written in frustration.

It seems my latex therapeutic pillow has

flattened itself into a state that makes my poor neck  stiff and sore.

Two years it served me faithfully

only to abandon me at my hour of direst need.

Just when I was starting to feel I had emerged back into the world

of the living from a dark tunnel


Ted the nice man with whom I had a long interactive chat

on-line told me many things about pillows

that was news to me.

Did you know we’re meant to change them every year!

Or at the very least two to three.

Did you know that if you sleep on a hard mattress

have wide shoulders, a heavy head, toss and turn

even therapeutic pillows have a hard time

continuing to be therapeutic

longer than maybe two.

When they reach the end of their life

they suddenly flatten.


It seems my head is of the heavy kind.

Must be all that wisdom it contains

making it weigh so much more.


Winging it’s way to me from Sydney is a new pillow

designed to soothe and calm.

I wait with baited breath.

Only two or three more sleeps……


© Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay



43 thoughts on “My Pillow

  1. Pillows that suit and relax you are one of life’s most wonderful luxuries. I hope you’ll find some to give your heavy-with-thoughts head the comfort it deserves.

      1. I’m rather partial to lemon juice and sugar, so must have a touch of the Brit in me 🙂 Last night I plumped the pancake up with a towel so that would mop up the juice. Will have to wait till the replacement arrives before i tuck into this tasty morsel 🙂

  2. I’m laughing, but NOT at your restless night of sleep. It’s because how many times do our pillows fail us and send us into fitful sleeps. But you have found a way to creatively write it and make it relatable to all of us who need to sleep at night. Wonderful post today. A good night sleep for you this evening.

    1. Thank you Alexis 🙂 It IS funny albeit painful. I hope you too have a restful night. I am looking forward to becoming intimately acquainted with my new pillow very soon!

    1. The fight or the pillow ?! Fights, especially pounding on pillows can be extremely therapeutic 🙂 Last night I padded the flattened culprit with a towel which made it a bit better.

  3. Oh, pillows! I keep buying and trying, and none suits me. You just don’t know until you try them out, and it’s such a disappointment when they don’t work out.

    1. I got this one on a 100 day trial money back guarantee. My latex pillow I bought from a therapist who measured me specifically for it to ease neck pain. It’s been good till now. Before that, like you, I tried so many different ones with no luck.

  4. I can solve the problem for all of you. You may not see the ads in Australia and other countries, but there is a pillow called, literally, My Pillow. I’m a side sleeper so I bought two (BOGO) of the queen-size mediums four or five years ago and they are still just as good as when I first bought them. The secret is in the stuffing. They may look lumpy at first glance, but they aren’t. You can wash them in your washer and tumble them dry on low. I’m including the link here, so anyone who is interested can check them out. I do not get any compensation from the company, my satisfaction is in sharing a product I wholeheartedly believe in and helping others.

  5. I can SO relate. I traveled much of the summer and sleeping on foreign pillows has had an effect on my shoulders. Even though I’ve been with my own new pillows I’m having a hard time getting comfortable with my shoulders. I guess, like you, my head is heavy with wisdom! 🙂 Of course, that has to be it for both of us! Best wishes for a good sleep.

    1. Thanks! I’ve padded my flattened one with a towel until the new one arrives and it’s a bit better. I do hope your shoulders recover. The curse of wisdom 🙂

  6. R, would you not recommend a latex pillow then? I was going to get one. I have a latex bed topper (3 inches) as I couldn’t afford a latex mattress and I thought of a pillow, they are quite expensive but I’d get one if it seemed worthwhile. Horrifying what they put in mattresses isn’t it?

    1. Nothing wrong with the latex pillow. I have found it to be very good. I knew it had a finite life, it just came about so suddenly it caught me off guard! Got m new pillow in the mail today 🙂 There is also a link in the commnets to an American company called My Pillow from one of the readers who says that their product is very good. ANy therapeutic pillow is expensive. I paid AUD 129 for my new one – about the same for the latex. My Pillow is UD 99 if I recall with a current deal of 2 for the price of one. It also claims their pillows last a lifetime, being washable. It can get awfully confusing! We have a latex mattress top which is very good. Bought it and the inner spring mattress from IKEA – their price is very good in comparison to others.

      1. Yes that’s the same price as here. It is expensive but well worth it if it works – I think I shall invest. TY.

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