Beware the Chicken!

Warning – some graphic descriptions of bodily functions


Crunch, munch, yum!

Crispy strips of fried chicken

No need to cook tonight

not that I had the energy or motivation to do it

It was an easy out

or so I thought.

Boy how wrong I was !

Two hours later

waves of stomach cramps

spasms in my gut

leaving me in a cold sweat

What was going on ?

Dash to the loo.

More spasms

followed by  projectile blasts


from the rear end


a dash to the vanity basin

as the urgent warning knell

of upcoming

stomach content hit

Heaving, churning vomitus

filled the sink

I sank into the embrace of the armchair

only to dash off yet again

and again…

followed by

gallons of water to flush

out the bugs

a diet of hot, sweet black tea

dry toast and vegemite

Three days later

still a twinge of nausea

in the back of the throat.

Warning, warning, warning –


it is not what it seems.

© Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay

21 thoughts on “Beware the Chicken!

    1. I tried to report it online, which is what I have done before, but the system has been changed so I couldn’t get it done 😦 The other issue is it may not have been the chicken – although that’s what I think it was. No-one else developed any problems and we all ate it that night. TRH thinks I already had the beginnings of something a few days before and it just kicked in hard that night. It hit 2 hours after we’d eaten. Sometimes food poisoning can take several days to manifest in symptoms. The only other thing I could have done is gone to the dr who would have needed a stool sample and then he would have had to report it (it’s mandated). Anyway, I’m over the worst of it now.

      1. It’s possible the grease exacerbated things. I’ve come to the conclusion that I HAVE to stay away from fast food fries or suffer the consequences — EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  1. That was the poor chicken taking revenge for a horrible life lived in the agonising confines of a small cage, with its beak and claws hacked off so it can’t get into fights with its traumatised neighbours.
    Boycott KFC – your stomach will thank you 🙂

    1. I’ve had that chicken image rolling around in my head since I responded to this 😦 It was an appalling lack in judgement and discernment on my part. Oh well, another lesson learnt. Sending those poor chooks lots of love xx

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