Ode to My Bed


The sweet repose of

lying flat

on my back

alas alack…


 My bed, oh my bed

how do I miss thee!


Let me count the ways

I love thee:




I can lie flat

on my back

and you enfold me

in gentle sleep.



Ouch! My aching old bones

creak and groan

unaccustomed as I am now

to sleeping prone


two weeks

vertical snoozing

has recontoured my bod

To repose


in rest replete is but a

distant blissful dream


At last

last night

I dared the feat.

Five hours I got


I dare to dream of more tonight….

© Raili Tanska

Image – Pixabay


29 thoughts on “Ode to My Bed

  1. I “liked” your reply “I’ve had a bad case of the winter wog which then evolved into tracheitis, low grade infection, and upset my asthma. Lost 2 voice for 2 weeks. On heavy duty meds – getting there now.”

    But I don’t “like” it! That’s horrible! Sorry….

    Liked by 1 person

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