Signed, sealed and delivered – Marc leaves home

Recruit 22

Sworn in. Signed the bit of paper.

Allegiance in service to HRH till…

They’ve got him now!  There’s no escape~

The Defence Force has him captive

in Wagga for three months of basic training.

It’s been a big day for all of us.

More about it later this week


12 thoughts on “Signed, sealed and delivered – Marc leaves home

    1. Beginnings, endings, empty nesting – it’s all good. Part of the circle of life. Got a bit teary (but that’s me anyway). Exhausted today as I am at the tail end of a long and nasty winter wog that still has me sitting up to sleep at nights. I guess that has left me in a bit more of a vulnerable and fragile state too. Overall ? I am so proud and happy for Marc. He has grown up into a handsome and heart-centred young man. He was quite conflicted in the end when reality bit. It was hard for him to leave even though this is something he has wanted to do for a long time. One of the big issues there of course is that he leaves Shalini here. Long distance relationships are hard work. But they have been together for almost three years so theirs is a well established and strong relationship. She plans to join him when they know where his first posting will be.

  1. How wonderful for him and you 😄 I spent years on staff at Kapooka and loved it. Good luck and have fun with it all xo

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