For the Children!


I am lost for words

my heart bleeds

tears stream down my face

I am watching

a story on Sixty Minutes

about rehoming adopted children

Children no longer wanted

Who knows why?

Children marketed to new homes

like they were on EBay

Who does that?

Grabs an on-line catalogue

to choose a child

watching as they parade

down the aisle

while the MC reads out their

goals and attributes

What has happened to society?

What has happened

to make children a disposable commodity?!

The vulnerable ones

whose needs are greatest





Here !

take your pick

Is she pretty enough ?

Does the colour suit ?

Will your status be enhanced ?

Will your foul tastes

and depravity

be satisfied ?

Until you too have had your fill

and throw the remnants

out with the


Someone cared


to track for

ten years

until the law

caught up

and saved


from harm

by ONE pair of predators.

My prayer:

May ALL children be cherished

May ALL children be safe

May ALL children live in happy, loving caring homes

May ALL children be surrounded

by family and friends

who CHERISH them.


Written in response to this story : 6o Minutes Australia

and #unsung hero Lynne Banks

© Raili Tanska


22 thoughts on “For the Children!

  1. Absolutely disgusting, Children are a Gift from God for us to love and care for. I don’t understand the World. You have probably heard about a programme on British TV it has hit the headlines. The programme is complete utter filth. Man or Woman goes on the programme to choose one of four Naked totally naked, Man or Woman for a date. What the hell have we come to. One evening having just washed up after Dinner I walked into where my youngest Son was working on the internet, he has a large tv on his desk too, to be confronted on the screen with this filth, my Son said to me “can you believe this”, I could not answer. Some World to pass onto Children.

    1. You’re right Anna. There is a lot of cleaning up that needs to happen to pull us out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves into. I’ve not seen the show you talk about but there are several equally as obnoxious ones here, the latest being people getting married on TV never having met until at the altar!! What the?!!

  2. I cannot believe that this happening, I worked in the adoption department here in the Valencia community, and it was very difficult for people to adopt, good family people who where vetted over long periods of time, this is really sad, and should not be happening, your prayer is beautiful my thoughts are with those children x

    1. Thank you Brooke. This hit home hard for me. It took us 15 years all up to go through the mill of adopting our two sons. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for those precious, innocent young souls.

    1. Please don’t {{Jane}}. It’s not weak at all. You have enough to contend with, so don’t add to the burden. Skim to the bottom and read the prayer instead, if you want 🙂 xxx

      1. I read your poem and I absorbed the prayer into my heart – that being one of the ways in which I pray – but I didn’t click on the link as I usually do when you include one.
        And in my heart I thank you for sharing your feelings. Even here you remind me to be positive, with your prayer.

      2. Jane, {thank you} for doing that. I know what it must have cost you. The link is not graphic – just a couple of minutes of reporter chatting to the woman who did all the leg work the FBI should have been doing years before. Took them ten years before they arrested this couple. they were sentenced to 40 years jail each

      3. So they’ll – never re-establish their business. Trying to be optimistic here – they may have inadvertently helped one or two children along the way, placing them with adults who came to love them. It would be something, at least.

      4. Not this couple. They were bad through and through. But the others involved in the story will continue to battle a system that makes this kind of thing legal in the states. Can you believe that?! No monitoring, no standards. I don’t know how it’s run in other countries… 😦

      5. America is the capitalist State of the world, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s not legal in the UK, though our government is getting increasingly corrupt.

      6. Pretty much. I did get the impression they are ‘looking into it’. BUT it took them 10 years to just get one couple. And it was a citizen who did all the leg work and collecting of evidence for them. And another citizen, who was trying to do the right thing by these kids and had inadvertently placed 2 with the paedophiles who got the kids at the rate of about 1 a year. When she found out, she drove 500 miles to go and get them back. A 5ft tall mother tiger confronting a 6.5ft giant. She got the kids. Found a good, loving home for one, and adopted the other into her own family of 5 other adopted children.

      7. It just goes to show how much one or two dedicated people can do. They must be so relieved that they’ve successfully put an end to this couple’s evil antics.

      8. They were. Ten years is a long time to track someone across many states, notifying authorities of every move, and no change. It must have been soul destroying. But she never gave up. It was for the children 🙂 God bless her.

  3. As parents of adopted kids, this hits you and me pretty hard. It made me wonder what would happen if any parent who’d had enough of kids were able to just put them on line and do that. My Lord! That’s the stuff of a scifi/dystopian novel… That’s truly awful, Raili.

  4. I’m going to watch that. I know but I want to see that. It is wrong. I wanted children SO badly and then there are those who are given the blessing of children and they just throw them away. No I shall never understand. I don’t want to be a person who can understand how someone can do this. Thank God there are people in the world who know right from wrong and would never do this.

    1. I’m with you. The link in the post is just a short 2 min things but you can watch the whole episode on line. It’s disturbing, but the world needs to know what is happening so it can change!

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