Echoes of Adelaide Street Art

Echoes of Street Art 1


A few weeks back TRH and I drove around following my list of addresses, looking for street art. Similar to our tour   in earlier posts (Pt Adelaide 1 and Pt Adelaide 2)  what you see here is just a snippet of what we discovered within a ten kilometre radius of our home.

The above are just a couple of photographs of the Adelaide City Zoo fence. The art work is subtle, yet striking.

Echoes of Street Art 2

We struck a real pot of gold in a dingy looking narrow little laneway of industrial buildings. The one on the left is on the street running parallel to it. A beautifully striking portrait. Then this treasure trove of art work on every single building along the three block length of the lane. The bottom right one is constructed from different coloured plastic cups!

Echoes of Street Art 3

The David Bowie portrait was done shortly after his death. It adorns a building on the site of the Maid and Magpie hotel. The aboriginal dot painting is in the laneway, as is this garbage guzzling monster.

Echoes of Street Art 4

The building façade at the top is like a fine  piece of sketched pencil art. The bottom left adorns the front of a motel. Each bedroom in the facility has a wallsized piece of art by the same artist. I didn’t think they would take too kindly to me asking to go in and take photos! And last, but not least, is this novel decorated fence hiding a construction site.

These art works bring a vibrancy and a refreshing quirckiness to an otherwise dull street scene.

© Raili Tanska

8 thoughts on “Echoes of Adelaide Street Art

  1. I like the one with the cups. People do that on the fences on the overpasses on the interstate here. But they spell out messages. If they get caught, they’re in a heap of trouble! I always enjoy looking at the “art” on passing railroad cars. We live just a block below the tracks — on the wrong side!

  2. My eldest is an artist and I LOVE art of all kinds.
    I have seen the most amazing shows and have so many interesting pieces in my home that have been gifted to me by his friends.
    The art school he attended allowed the students to paint anywhere on the walls, etc, except the admin offices and galleries and was just so mind-blowing to walk through.
    Fun fact: they have a HUGE nest made out of straw and other textiles that the fabric students donated blankets for and it has been a nice soft place to sleep off a hangover or an all nighter studying in between classes!
    Also, you know the In case of Fire boxes in buildings and offices? The little boxes that say break glass in case of emergency?
    Anonymous students in my son’s second year, replaced them all. They looked totally legit!
    Instead of the clanger to bang the bell and alarm others of a fire, they had replaced the clanger with marijuana joints.
    Dangerous, I know..but oh so funny!
    ” In Case of Emergency Break Glass……”

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