Let’s play a game, he said. See this empty chest? Fill it with treasure you want to leave behind to be found by others who stumble upon it in distant future years to come. What would you put in it I wonder and why? ℜ I thought and thought and thought some more What do … More Treasure

Compost babe

Wrapped in newspaper, the newborn babe lay abandoned in the steaming mountain of compost. Apparently. My father loved telling stories. He was a gifted tall tale teller. Stories were embellished and polished till they shone. Somewhere in there were the kernels of truth. Many a time we sat on the front veranda of his home … More Compost babe

Echoes of Spring

Spring has sprung The grass is riz I wonder where the birdies is….. And there they are !!!!!!! I see them fluttering and bathing in the bird bath outside my office window and sipping on the nectar In the spring flowering bushes. The weather is  heralding  the start of spring here in Australia. Days are … More Echoes of Spring

My Pillow

Owww, stiff neck. What the heck! I don’t get why around every corner I am met with yet another god-damn thing to get over. Leave me alone! I’ve had enough already! ℜ Written in frustration. It seems my latex therapeutic pillow has flattened itself into a state that makes my poor neck  stiff and sore. … More My Pillow

Rainforest Meditation

A creative visualisation Rainforest sounds Find somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed for half an hour or so.  A space where you feel calm and peaceful. It may be a nook you have created at home, in the garden, by the seaside  …Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Spine straight, arms and legs … More Rainforest Meditation