Echoes of Raili

I’m navel gazing this week. This post is all about me, me, me –  Raili.

‘Cos I celebrated my birthday last week.

Me 2

Top row L – R: me with Dad on my wedding day;  My brother Erkki, me, my sister Ritva after Dad’s funeral

Middle row:  Me having a bubble bath; Mum and my siblings. I’m sitting on a potty as it was the only way they could keep me still long enough to take the photo. I can sit still long enough now. I’ve grown up.

Bottom row:  Me recently. My hair colour and style has changed a bit since; Me with TRH (The Retired Husband) on our way to a fancy dress do some years ago. My size and shape, like that of my hair,  has been ‘fluid’ over the years!

Chloe 1

TRH took me out to our favourite go to fine dining restaurant for my birthday. He had told me he wasn’t buying me a present this year. ‘Cos we’re retired. ‘Cos we don’t really need anything. ‘Cos we have to be careful to make sure our money lasts till we no longer need money. That’s ‘cos we’ll be dead by then. So this was it, my present. Fine by me!

Top left: entrance hallway

Bottom left:  just a few of the awards Chloe’s has received over the years.

Bottom right:  The front dining room. My present was on the mantle piece next to the mirror. Yes, I did get one!

Me 1

Top row:  Me with our Irish neighbour Bert. Us olds went to a fancy dress party; Me and Tess. She’s being clipped, that’s why she looks a bit grumpy. Lucky she’s little and I can put a strangle hold on her

Middle row: Big one on the left – me with my two boys, Marc and Christopher when they were little and cute. Now they’re grown up and handsome;  Me with TRH when we were younger and prettier. We have aged disgracefully and wear our battle scars and wrinkles with pride. Hell, we worked hard for them! ; Me with Erkki when we were teens

Bottom row: Me with my sister and parents not long before we left Finland –  circa 1959; Me when I last graduated from university (Masters in Mental Health Nursing)

Chloe 2

Top row: Chloe’s Restaurant.

Middle row 2 small photos on left: The present  I  wasn’t supposed to get – gorgeous bouquet of flowers waiting for me on arrival; our special off the menu desert – crepe suzettes – TRH had asked Nick when making the booking if he would be kind enough to provide a special desert for my birthday. He did. And was most apologetic that they no longer had the capacity to cook them at the table. The added pop of flavour provided by the raspberries and blueberries was a perfect counterfoil to the sweetness of the sauce.

Bottom row: Beef tenderloin and accompanying salad dressed with goats cheese and blue vein cheese. It was good enough to eat on its own; my birthday surprise of petite fours courtesy of Chloe’s; TRH with sommelier and owner of Chloe’s, Nick Papazahariakis. We always ask Nick to select our wines to match the food we order. He does so graciously and with exquisite taste. Including a full and interesting explanation of what he has chosen for us.

But wait – there’s more! The weekend did not end there. It all started Friday night. Saturday saw a continuation of celebrations with our neighbours at Happy Hour. And then we rolled on to Sunday when the kids and us olds went to a pub dinner in the Adelaide Hills.  I’m not going to share any more photos of my over-celebrated birthday. ‘Cos I figure you’ve probably seen enough ! And I have indulged and navel gazed enough for now.

© Raili Tanska

28 thoughts on “Echoes of Raili

  1. Belated Happy Birthday, with lots more to come. I hope that was a G&T in your Bubble Bath hour. I have music every night with my bubble bath but, unfortunately, no G&T. All the best.

  2. That was so much fun! I laughed right out loud at what you said about your body being fluid. Oh Lordy! Mine, too! So enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. You have a beautiful smile, you’re always smiling. I love that about you. {{{Raili}}} Happy late birthday!

  3. If that’s navel-gazing then my wish is that you navel-gaze on a regular basis! You know I LOVE your pictures!

  4. My dad used to tell me, he mostly fancied brunettes but that if such a rare thing as a real blonde were anywhere around, he couldn’t help but fall at her knees. I know what he means. Being a real blonde is rare. Here in TX there are a lot of fake blondes. When you see a real blonde it’s a bit of a miracle. I recall seeing the pictures of Finland after my friend first visited and commenting that I couldn’t understand how they weren’t all blonde as I thought they would be. She then showed me some pictures of the blondes that were there, and I don’t think I had ever seen such blonde hair before, almost platinum in the children. There is something very beautiful about natural blonde hair that dyed blonde cannot emulate because it stops shining. I didn’t think you should have shine in your hair if it was blonde but it was only because I’d never seen a real blonde. They are a rare breed. And without putting down any other hair color because all are beautiful in their own way, I can see why someone would really think a true blonde was beautiful because your pictures prove it! That Barbarella hair style is just to DIE FOR I want to have that look! These are brilliant. I love the one of your sons and you and the one of you and your husband with the funny hat. This just made me smile so wide. I needed that. Your reach is so wide. You are so loved. Thank you for navel-gazing please do it more often (truly).

    1. Gee – that’s so sweet, thanks! My hair used to be a LOT blonder when I was young. My sister’s even more. Both darkened with age. Some of the boys in my extended family were platinum blonds. One with striking dark brown eyes. Gorgeous 🙂 Mum, on the other hand, had black hair. And Dad’s was reddish brown. And just to throw a spanner in the works, one of our friends looks Italian, swarthy skin, black hair and eyes to boot. You would never pick her for a Finn but she is!

      1. WOW! Platinum with dark eyes is unusual! That’s so beautiful isn’t it? Such a contrast. Wow and your mom had black hair? Crazy! ha ha ha! Italian Finn! Did you ever know how she got her black hair?

      2. I guess like the black irish although they think that’s spanish influence

  5. Happy belated birthday dear Raili. I enjoyed reading your photo descriptions. Yes indeed, good and loving companionship is truly the best gift as one grows older and you do wear your battle scars of aging beautifully 🙂

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