Circle of Friends July 2016 – Absent Friends

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My goodness, it’s that time again! Where has the month flown? As I was getting my head around the theme for July’s Circle of Friends, what kept popping into my mind was the thought of friends who I have somehow ‘lost’. Some of them have died. Some have moved to distant parts. Some have drifted away. With some, we’ve drifted apart. The question then remains, were they friends at all ?  Is there a friendship legacy left behind by those who have passed through my life? The ones who have left an imprint on my heart ? And what about the ones who unexpectedly lob back in? Or the friendship that just picks up again as if it were only yesterday we last met even though it was decades ago. Are these friends ever truly ‘lost’ ?

Sadly I feel the need to also add to this in light of recent and current world events, the friends we lose through trauma and catastrophic acts of others.

Here’s some inspiration to oil the musings –





This is a monthly invitation to anyone interested in participating. Here’s how it works.  Mid month I will publish a CIRCLE of FRIENDS theme. You are invited to interpret it in any way you like – a story, a poem, a photograph, a quote, a recipe… there is no limit to how friendships are made, nurtured and rekindled. Post to your own blog with a link and a tag to the Circle of Friends. I will then add the link here to your post for anyone wishing to visit and read. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate. Add your thoughts to comments or send an email.

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