Echoes of Life’s Symphony

natus        pubis      ad mortem 

Of beginnings, in betweens and endings

Shades of Love - posted

A Canon

of individual chants and tones

a rising crescendo, rhythmic beats as ancient as the earth

a counterpoint chorale

 pulling, plucking,vibrating  heart strings sounding chamber songs

dissonance a disrupting  drone

rising to glissando grazioso intermezzo

sliding, connecting graceful music

The Refrain

a medley, a chorus obbligato

A recitative, a refrain, an overture of life

an Opus Grandioso

A cappella

giving voice

The Score


Requiem Fine

Dad as a toddler
One of the rare photos of my father with his family. His mother died not long after she gave birth to the baby she is carrying in this photo.

A heartbroken young husband and father 

left devastated by a sudden loss

knowing not how to care for himself

let alone his little ones

a small boy, too young to understand

searches longingly for his mother

waiting for her to kneel 

with him in prayer at bedtime


When do I Love Thee

 Let me count the ways


                                                        Morning, noon and night

                                                         sunrise, sunset


                                                          Breakfast, lunch and dinner

                                                      snacks and supper


                                                              Seconds, minutes, hours

                                                         days, weeks, months and years


 My mother (on the right) hanging out on the roof with 2 of her sisters. She was one of 15 kids. Mum (right side) on the roof with two of her sisters in a family of 15 kids

Mum (right side) on the roof with two of her sisters in a family of 15 kids

Love and laughter

sharing a home bursting at the seams

with teeming noisy youngsters

Mother’s Father’s hands are always busy 

tending, toiling , knitting, doing


How do I Love Thee ?

Let me count the ways –


Smiling, laughing, skipping

Singing, dancing, running


Sobbing, crying, weeping

grieving, hurting, heart-a-aching


Soothing, calming, holding

nursing, caring, tending


In life, in death

throughout the ages




Pappa's funeral
My maternal grandfather’s funeral in Finland. My sister and brother front left with my parents behind them and my grandmother dressed in black with head scarf. I was deemed too young  to attend.

A family  together in love to grieve

to reminisce and share the burden

of the loss

the young, the old, the friends

the family




© Raili Tanska

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20 thoughts on “Echoes of Life’s Symphony

    1. My grandfather found it very hard going he was so grief struck. I think Dad and his sisters had a tough childhood. My empathies to you, it would be difficult regardless of how many children when you lose a life partner at such a young age.

  1. I think it is fair to say you KNEW I was going to jump up and down and dance all over the place with this post! I love what you wrote – that goes without saying you can put that in the bank – but the photos! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Oh I love them! Talk about Barbarella meets Babes in Toyland! Wow! that hair! LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE this!

    1. No, I never did KNOW that! You should have videoed your dance so I could see 🙂 Exactly what hair is it that you are taking about? There’s so much of it there – on every photo ! And *humble thanks * Candice xx

      1. The hairstyles, so many and so glam! I just loved that and the style! Just made me so happy to see them – I love it when you post pics of your family and you. I’m one of those who really smiles a lot when I see you through the eras of your life (well, one of them at least, since you have lived many times)

      2. R, you make me smile more times than most – this is a good thing – it is the light within you

      3. I did indeed – the whole weekend 🙂 I will be doing an Echoes of Raili about it later in the week, either Th or Fri. Lots of photos of me 🙂

  2. and the last picture, whilst sad, and very sad the last stanza, so beautiful to know you recall, you honor, you remember, you love. I think this is yet another reason I love you because you have that HEART of yours, and it is UNIVERSAL

    1. Huge *BIG* smile thank you. I guess it’s fair to say you heard the symphony, it made your heart sing and you found your Inner Dancer dancing to its tune 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your photographs. I lost my Husband when my two Boys were young. It was tough going but the Boys and myself worked together, still do. Love brings you through. Take care.

    1. Life throws us unexpected curve balls. I’m glad it worked out for you. Dad and one of his sisters bore the brunt of the loss as youngsters. You take care too 🙂

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