Huh ?


Questions have  been asked.

What do you know?

What don’t you know or understand?

 I scratch my head

and ponder on it

Hmm, let me  see…

There are a variety of them

that I do know I know

for sure

In summary I know that there are –

The known knowns

The unknown knowns

The think I know knowns

The know what I  think knowns

The know nothing knowns

The don’t know that I don’t know knowns

The what the hell do I know knowns


Is that all the knowns that are known ?

I’m discombobulated now, you see

My head hurts from all the knowings

So I no longer know if I know anything at all!

And I surely know that I don’t know

if there

are any more knowns to know!

Perhaps I’ve lost some

or dropped some

or forgotten some …

Oh me, oh my, oh dearie me

I don’t understand!

Do you know?

© Raili Tanska

Written for:  Sandbox Writing Challenge 47

with thanks to  Opher’s World

for the inspiration

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