Do Not Label Me


Do not bombard  with

opinionated bigotry

scathing criticism

judgemental  claptrap

scamming, scheming, bullying

stealing, lying, breaking

I will not listen


Do not bombard with

words of poisoned sweetness

telling me that I should live in fear

just because someone happens

to look  different

chooses to

behave differently

believe differently

eat differently

live differently

I will not listen


Do not bombard  with

gilt wrapped special deals

that take more and more and more

till there is nothing left

but broken dreams

and empty purses

I will not listen


Do not bombard with

blustering puffed up egos

false and empty promises

that fail to deliver


abusive words and

velvet gloved fists

aimed at

destroying and fooling

the vulnerable and broken

shattering  dignity and hope


I am sick and tired

of all the of this


Give me instead








Right to be




To be


Written in response to Lady Calen’s Sandbox Challenge 46 – perspective

AND serendipitously I’m honoured that  my story

Don’t Give Up   has been posted  in Dear Hope 

An amazing group of young people have created this forum. Please take a moment to go and have a look.

Paul Falcone: Founder, Author, Editor-in-Chief


I’m Paul Falcone, a 22 year old college senior who lives in Massachusetts. I’ve been fighting depression, anxiety, and insomnia since I was 13 years old. It’s not easy, nor has it ever been. But I’ve become stronger over the years and every day like to think that I grow closer to accepting who I am with this illness. What began as a class project in early 2015 quickly gained momentum and a following that blossomed into a community of people wanting to share and educate anyone willing to listen about mental health and illness. My mission has become to create a community where people can share stories of hope or pain, triumph or failure, fiction or reality, or anything that relates to any kind of mental illness or struggle. Because the biggest thing to remember is that you are not alone.

And you are loved.


© Raili Tanska

24 thoughts on “Do Not Label Me

  1. What a powerful, powerful piece! I so echo your sentiments. I also read your post at Dear Hope and left you a not there. You’re a woman of such depth and so many colors. I so appreciate that about you! (And I wish Roberta Allen’s earlier prompts had been half as poignant as the last few have!) {{{Raili}}}

  2. A wonderful, wonderful post. You never fail to deliver wise words xxx
    Oh – and a great shout-out to Paul Falcone. Hasn’t he got a lovely, open face? I’m off to check out his site now.

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  4. Loved the poem! Perfect for the political climate we are in today. I feel the same way you do, too. I’m sick of hearing all the false promises, uninformed opinions, and lies as well. I just want someone who wants to take care of the country for the people, not for their own agenda. 🙂

  5. So well said! Something that is truly needs to be asserted in this world we live in and perhaps if enough of us joined you in saying, the world would listen! Thank you for saying this for all of us! Jo

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