A wee tail


What's happening in the kitchen?


The water level rises

Pressure mounts

Restlessness and wandering

around the perimeters of the room.

Finally, the relentless pressure

is too much to bear.

She scratches at the door to be let out.

It’s COLD out!!









It’s windy!

She stands on the veranda, looking

Nope, not going there!

And rushes back inside.

Three times she does this.

Until the water level is so


the dam near bursts.

Rushing out, she does the deed

And rushes back in

to the warmth.


© Raili Tanska


16 thoughts on “A wee tail

  1. She reminds me of my Dog “Daisy”, hates the rain and wind, as for Thunder she is one terrified little creature (Daisy is a Cross Lurcher/Alsatian Rescue) hides under the desk and refuses to come out. Lovely story, many thanks.)

  2. This is cute. I enjoyed reading it and I can relate because sometimes it’s too cosy as you snuggle down, that to get up and go to the loo on a cold night is just so much bother.

    1. True, that would just be waaay too much. Especially with her little belly hanging at her knees, which is not that far above ground level. But then, neither is she 🙂

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