I had a say

Election day - posted

I don’t usually talk politics. But I’m making an exception today.

It was Federal election time here in Australia last Saturday. The campaigning by the two major parties was lack lustre, long, long winded and full of innuendos and bad mouthing of the opposition.  Not a lot of substance, and not exactly inspiring for anyone who wanted to get a grip on the issues and party platforms. As far as I’m concerned that’s just plain rude and childish. We teach our children better manners. Why is it so hard for politicians to be honest and just tell us what their plans are ?! And why do they all suddenly love to kiss and cuddle babies ?! As for the gaffs! That poster in the top middle row is a statement actually made by a politician about where he shops in his electorate. And he expects people to clap and vote for him. Seriously ?!

Saturday afternoon I took myself to the local primary school gymnasium to join the queues waiting to have names ticked off on the electoral roll indicating they had voted. It’s compulsory. Vote or be fined.  Half an hour later having got the two ballot papers I headed to the secret cardboard chamber to cast my vote. And looked in bewilderment at the looooong sheet of white paper with lists of various candidates and parties waiting to be picked to lead this great nation of ours to bigger and better things. Apparently. So many unknowns and weirdos.  If the campaigning and past records are any measure of what we are to expect then they will lead us deeper into debt. But I did my duty and had my say.

Two days later and they still cannot tell us who will be governing our country. It’s too close to call. The most likely scenario is a hung parliament.

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19 thoughts on “I had a say

    1. They are still counting postal votes and absentee votes. It’s such a close call with the count so far that it is not possible to name a clear winner until all the votes are in.


  1. I think the election speeches and debates are straying way too far from the topics. There is no place for rudeness or name-calling or mud-slinging on the podium. And these are the candidates who want to be thought of as leadership material? No sense of decorum or good manners! I find it a sad reflection of how degraded our society has become. (I’m mainly referring to our North American elections – Canada and the U.S., but according to your post, the problem is more widespread than I thought.) I’m glad you spoke up, Raili.

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  2. Good Luck with the Election – take a look at GB, in our Referendum “Leave” the EU won and those Democratic Votes are not accepted – meanwhile Country in a mess and all Parties tearing themselves up too.

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  3. Its a shamble isn’t it when you think the lunatic fringe will have so much say in the eventual outcome and in the operation of the parliamentary process. At least there will no end to the entertainment value some of the elected will provide….

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  4. I followed the Australian election with interest, as I always do with elections in major English-speaking countries. I wasn’t very surprised about there being a hung parliament because that had been predicted. Much more worrying for me was that Pauline Hanson and One Nation seemed to have reemerged. Hers was a name I’d hoped to have heard the last of. I have always hated race-based politics, and so between her in Australia, Nigel Farage in the United Kingdom and Donald Trump in the United States, I’ve had quite a depressing time recently. 😦

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