Out of this world

Where do I go to get away? Out of this world of course! How? Well, inside my head of course! Don’t you? Come and try it. You might just like it. Here’s something to help kick start your trip. Now that’s pretty cool. Did you know each  planet has its very own musical note? Here’s … More Out of this world

Blue Pearl

earth a pearl of blue hidden in the shell of space the pearl is my home ℜ © Raili Tanska Image – Pixabay Safar over at Blisters, Bunions & Blarney came up with a Haiku Challenge. The baton is being passed down the line – from Calen to Jane and now to me.  And I’m  passing … More Blue Pearl

Hearts and Hugs

There is so much hurt in the world. Let’s not add  any more to it. Instead, let’s focus  on making it better. One step at a time. This fellow is leading by example – Here’s what connecting to the heart does – Let’s connect! Raili Tanska YouTube


In the vastness that is  Creation I stand solitary sanctity surrounded immersed in the Holy of Holies a speck a mote of dust in awe of the majesty the beauty the breath-taking-in-ness of it all There are no words to describe it It fills my heart and Soul © Raili Tanska Images – Pixabay Written … More Sacred

Echoes of Raili

I’m navel gazing this week. This post is all about me, me, me –  Raili. ‘Cos I celebrated my birthday last week. Top row L – R: me with Dad on my wedding day;  My brother Erkki, me, my sister Ritva after Dad’s funeral Middle row:  Me having a bubble bath; Mum and my siblings. … More Echoes of Raili