Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness 1

I set a hard task in Circle of Friends this month! I asked for your vision, a slice of the Big Picture in ‘ the creation of a circle of friends that spans the world and transcends human foibles and pettiness.’ Like others, I found myself floundering. The Big Picture was – well, just TOO damn big!  It sort of reminds me of when we started building our boat, Finnally. People used to ask all the time How did you do that ? It’s overwhelming!

Lady Calen asked for a bit more clarification and found her way to the answer. Linda found hers as well. And I finally found mine at this post Inspiring the World  in RB’s word IMPACTED – I Make Positive Actions Come True Every Day. Thank you RB !

That led me to Random Acts of Kindness

I remember TRH (The Retired Husband) coming home many years ago with a bounce in his step. He’d stopped for a cup of coffee after a hard day at work. A random stranger, who’d seen his distressed state, paid for his coffee. Put a big smile on his face and in his heart.

There’s another experience that comes to mind from years ago. I was browsing in an Op Shop. Not really looking for anything in particular. I had no pressing needs to fill. A basketball tall Nigerian gentleman, neatly dressed in a suit, white shirt and tie, wandered in. He went straight to the men’s tie rack. After some time, the assistant asked if he needed help, as he seemed a little unsure of himself. He explained to her that he was going to friend’s home for dinner. He didn’t have much money, he said. But he wanted to take a special thank you gift with him. I  got the impression that most of the ties cost more than he could afford. I quickly selected a small dish. As I was paying, I quietly slipped the sales assistant an extra $20. I asked her to take the payment for the gift out of it and give the gentleman the change. Then I left. To this day whenever I pass that shop, I remember the quiet dignity and loving care of the basketball tall Nigerian. And hope that my small act of kindness helped to brighten his day.

Random Acts of Kindness 2
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We CAN change the world. One step at a time. One smile at a time. One random act of kindness  at a time.  As long as we don’t let ourselves get overwhelmed by the Big Picture.  In the words of Annie Lenox –

“Ask yourself: Have you been kind today?

Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world.” .

©  Raili Tanska


14 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I was on the verge of clicking the like button a second time when I remembered it’d just unlike it. That’s how much I love this post.
    Lets keep the fire of kindness burning every moment of our lives till it becomes who we are and the world becomes a better place!

    1. Oh gee, Linda! Thank you – it was a culmination of soul searching and inspiration from lots of different sources. Including you 🙂 Such good friends 🙂

  2. Oh geez… Sitting here bawling like a baby. What a wonderful video. I sent it on to Drollery. I am such a believer in that Scott Adams philosophy. More than once that belief has kept me from barking at someone when I was in a bad mood.

    Last night at Bran’s job, a 30-year-old man wandered into Bed Bath & Beyond and asked if he could sit down. He was shaking and sweating and some of the employees thought he was on something. Brandon took him into the Bridal room and asked him what he could do for him. Long story short, the man had just gotten off work from a nearby store. He’d gone out and got in his car that was probably over 100 degrees inside from sitting with the windows rolled up all day. He started drinking a bottle of Powerade that was as hot as coffee (probably had been left in the car all day). He hadn’t felt good for a few days he said, and was always thirsty. (My first thought was he was diabetic. Not so. I have a smart son.)

    Bran called the paramedics. The man wouldn’t let Brandon leave him except when Bran went to get a fan from one of the departments to try and cool him down. He kept getting the guy water, etc. In the end the paramedics said the young man was extremely dehydrated and likely had been for days. It was a good thing he had stumbled into the store and that someone had recognized the problem. They took him to the hospital.

    The MOD told Bran afterward he’d wanted to call the authorities, but the kids who work with Bran said, don’t do that. Brandon’s got this! I was so proud of him. He is like one of those folks in your video. And he is considering the idea of becoming a hospital chaplain. Makes me cry just thinking about it.

    1. Like you, I was bawling my eyes out too! What a great story about your son! That poor young man was on the brink of heat exhaustion, which can be fatal. How fortunate he was that level headed Bran attended to him 🙂

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