Let’s Fiddle


It was a pleasant summer’s day in Faery Land’s  country town, Diddle. Daddle the town cat, stretched herself lazily, yawning as she woke from her noonday nap. Then she sat, grooming herself, as she always did on first waking. Keeping up appearances was so important. Tail neatly coiled around herself, she washed her face, making sure to wash behind the ears like her mother had taught her. Daddle was a very pretty cat. Huge green eyes shuttered by long lashes topped an aristocratic face framed by extra long whiskers. Her ears had wisps of fur at the tips, making them appear almost wing-like. Her head sat atop a sleek body covered in long fur, silvery grey with a subtle patterning of white to give it a shimmering appearance. Her tail was long and lush, it’s tip tinged with a splash of darker grey. All in all Daddle was very satisfied with her extra-ordinary good looks. She was looking forward to the afternoon. It promised to be an exciting one. Fiddle was taking her on a date. Fiddle was Daddle’s feline friend. If looks were anything to go by, he was the perfect match for Daddle. He was pure black. They looked purr-fect together.

Fiddle had heard it from the very best of sources that Duddle, the cow, was to attempt breaking the moon jumping record this very afternoon. As it was being kept under wraps as a closely guarded secret, he dare not even give a hint of a whisper to Daddle about what was planned. Whenever she asked, he just purred extra loud to distract her. She found his purring irresistibly distracting. It made her purr too. And forget all about everything else. Fiddle had booked the best seats for the major event. ‘The Mystery Event’, as it was being advertised, was the talk of Diddle. A hum of excitement was beginning to build as Fiddle and Daddle joined the throng heading to the show grounds. No one wanted to miss out.

It wasn’t long before all the seats were taken. Latecomers had to be satisfied with finding any vacant spot they could in which to sit.  And hope for the best that they didn’t miss seeing any of the action during “The Mystery Event’. Giggling Gurties, Grinning Grinchies, Laughing Lassies, Yodeling Yurties and all manner of other Party Animals spruiked their festive goodies. Younglins flitted in and out between elderling’s legs playing chase the feather. Floating Faeries sprinkled dust on the excited crowd which just added another dazzling, sparkling layer of excitement.

Dish, Diddle’s town crier, entered the grounds as a band of Trumpeters announced his arrival. An expectant hush fell over the crowd.  Dish stood in the middle of the arena. Slowly, he scanned the crowd. His eyes eventually found her. Spoon and her team of Dancing Forks were waiting in the wings for his signal.  They were to lead Duddle into the arena.

Harumph, Harumph, Harumph,  Dish cleared his throat several times. A hushed silence fell over the crowd.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! he called in his best and loudest voice.

Good Citizens of Diddle, welcome to this most auspicious, once in a lifetime, never to be repeated – MYSTERY EVENT !! You will be astonished! Astounded!  Amazed! You will be flabbergasted! You will be OVER THE MOON!!  Such a thing it is, this most amazing MYSTERY EVENT, that it will keep tongues and tails wagging for more than a lifetime. You will be able to tell your children’s children that you were here – at the very moment – in this very place – when IT happened !

No more suspense. Let’s get on with it. Citizens of Diddle, it gives me very great pleasure to present to you, the one, the only, the great DUDDLE!!

With a roll of drums, Spoon and the Dancing Forks leapt into action. They cavorted, they danced, they jigged, they leapt, they wriggled and jiggled their way to the middle. And right there, in their middle, was a Mystery Figure wrapped in a cape of sparkling rainbow colours. Once the dance was over, Spoon swept the cape off with a flourish to reveal Duddle. She bowed regally in all directions. The crowd went wild. They KNEW at that very moment just what magic was in store for them. Duddle was going to jump over the moon!  She was going to try and break the all time record.

It had been set so far back in memory that no one knew for sure how long ago it was that Duddle’s ancestor had first attempted this wondrous feat. He had so very nearly succeeded, only to be left hanging by a horn on the edge of the crescent moon. Ever since, no one had dared try again.  What no one knew was that Duddle had been in training for this very event since her birth. She was in her best form and fitness. She was confident. She was motivated. She was ready !!!

Without further ado, as her audience watched with bated breath, Duddle made her way to the edge of the arena. She bowed her head. Breathed deeply three times. Pawed the ground with her left front hoof.  And hurled herself forward. Her speed was phenomenal. By mid field she was air borne. By three quarter field her trajectory was straight up and climbing higher and higher. As the audience watched, she reached the edge of the moon. For one awful moment it looked as if she was backsliding. As one, the audience joined voices to urge her on. Clawing the edge of the moon with her hoofs, Duddle gave one mighty heave, gained momentum and flew over the moon!! The crowd went wilder than the wild they went before. They cheered. They laughed. They patted each others’ backs. They clapped. They danced.

Duddle slowly descended back down to earth, landing elegantly on all four hoofs, mooing gently with pleasure.  The little dog, who had been watching quietly on the side, laughed and laughed and laughed to see such fun.

While no one was watching Dish and Spoon, holding hands, quietly slipped away into the woods. No one quite knew when they left or where they went. But  no one was surprised that the Dish had finally run away with the Spoon.


Please use this nursery rhyme and either continue the tale – by either expanding the story or adding the backstory – or consider adding some characters – or switching the existing characters up!

Hey diddle diddle,

The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed,
To see such fun,

And the dish ran away with the spoon.


Written forhttps://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/fairy-tale-prompt-70-june-2-2016-lets-fiddle/

© Raili Tanska

23 thoughts on “Let’s Fiddle

  1. Wonderful story. I read it aloud and my niece was like… “What language are you speaking?” And I said English. I’m reading an interesting story. It was fun, especially when I began to rap the nursery rhyme. Well done, Raili.

      1. You’re welcome, Raili. I wish I recorded the rap, it may be a hit, who knows? Thank you for making me have a fun-filled moment with my niece.

  2. Now WHEN did you say your next children’s book was going to be out??? Loved this! 😀 I think you should do “Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub” next!

    1. Gee Calen *blush* – thanks awfully. Maybe I should put out a call for fairy tale prompts ?! I’ll give your suggestion some thought and see where it takes me 🙂

  3. Raili this was a wonderful contribution to the Fairy tale prompt. I loved the names and the way you built tension to the moment Duddle made it over the moon and of course how easily she landed on all fours after such a strenuous effort. Please feel free to join us each Thursday when we present a Tale weaver prompt and once a month there is a fairy tale prompt. Beautifully written.

  4. Ah what a true delight! Thank you so much for sharing your response to the FT prompt!

    I was totally wrapped up right from the start! Fantastic “backstory” expansion retelling – I love the characters, how you’ve so creatively portrayed them, the names – all of it.

    I have an ear to ear grin slicing my face wide open 😀

    Excellent piece of writing – very well done – and truly, an absolute pleasure to read!

      1. It is such a wonderful write – it could be and should be published! Yup, that good! XD

        Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  5. That was fantastic! I’m so glad I decided to trawl back through your posts. I didn’t latch on to what the story was until dish and spoon came on the scene… Beautifully tetold 🙂

  6. Oh, I so enjoyed reading this “faery” tale. I recognized quickly where you were going and it was fun to see it played out.

    Ummm, is it bad manners to point out an error, though? Second paragraph, second sentence – shouldn’t the name be Daddle?

    1. Not rude – must have missed it in my million and one edits, lol.Too many Diddles, Daddles, Fiddles … 🙂 will check it out. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

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