Echoes of Dreamtime

I’ve dipped my toe into ancient creation epics and myths in the last couple of weeks with my posts on the Finnish epic, Kalevala and the Celtic Ogham. It would be downright rude of me to  not introduce you to the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime. These videos do it very well – enjoy.



Raili Tanska

9 thoughts on “Echoes of Dreamtime

  1. That’s so sad that so much of the work is being destroyed by nature itself. The NatGeo video said the Aborigines thought the pictures had power. The Native Americans here were scared of cameras because they thought if someone took their picture the “box” captured their soul and trapped it on the photograph.

    1. It’s the same with the Australian Aboriginals when it comes to photographs. Some sacred ceremonies are also not open to being observed or attended by others.

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