I’ve just spent the evening watching the latest Jurassic Park sequel with TRH and Marc. No spoiler alerts here.

Fangs and inflated egos, power hungry megalomaniacs playing with toys that they can’t control, let alone understand. The evil war monger who only sees one solution  which is letting loose more mayhem. And of course the rugged handsome, down to earth hero and his dumb female counterfoil  who suddenly discovers her inner heroine.

Escapism, compulsory big weapons of destruction to destroy the monster which escaped from inescapable containment, some blood and guts, but nothing too gory. And there you have it. The plot in a nutshell without giving away anything too explicit just in case you want to see it.

Did I enjoy it? Put it this way, it was better than mindless violence, an Arnie movie or an end of the world sci fi.

Raili Tanska


5 thoughts on “Dinosaurs

  1. Wasn’t this the movie with Chris Pratt in it? If it is, we went to see it with the kids when it came out last year (two years ago?). I can’t remember much about it other than that we enjoyed it and I thought Chris Pratt was good in the role. He reminded me a lot of a young Harrison Ford.

    1. I’m not sure – if that was the last one to come out, then yes. It did have elements of Indiana Jonesey stuff in it. I didn’t take note of the actors’ names… as far as genetically engineered dinosaur movies go, it was ok 🙂

      1. I think it was the last one to come out. To be honest, I hardly seem to know half the actors playing the heroes in movies these days. I have better luck with the actors playing their parents. I remember Chris Pratt, though, because my kids and I loved him in Guardians of the Galaxy and they’d been telling me about him. 🙂

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