The Celts

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He reached into his pocket whilst telling my fascinated youngest son he had brought his very own Leprechaun with him from the home country. Christopher was not quite sure whether to believe this tall, softly spoken stranger with a lyrical accent. He was Irish, of course, and visiting our neighbours. Who are also Irish.

Like Finns, the Irish seem to have managed to spread themselves just about everywhere. I’ve long been fascinated with Celtic lore and Celtic spirituality. Ancient in its wisdom, it embraces nature, divinity, the underworld and the human world as one.  When I was researching information for my post on the creation epic of Finland,  The Kalevala, I came across many other creation myths and fables across different cultures. Curiosity got the better of me. I just had to look deeper into the Celtic Ogham. This is just a tiny snippet, a quick peek, a tease.  But I just had to share my findings with you. Trees are deeply significant and their symbolism in the Celtic spiritual tradition is powerful.

 It is an ancient Celtic alphabet of twenty characters.  Delve a little deeper, and you uncover a whole world of intricate connections. You see each  character is assigned to a tree.  And each tree has a symbolic meaning.  These are the trees:

Birch  Rowan   Alder  Willow  Ash Hawthorn  Oak Holly  Hazel  Apple

Vine  Ivy  Reed   Blackthorn  Elder  Fir  Gorse  Heather   Poplar  Yew

Which tree
resonates with you ? Follow this link to find out more about   its symbolism. For me it’s the oak. 

©  Raili Tanska

35 thoughts on “The Celts

  1. Celtic history and music is pretty interesting.

    Incidentally, I didn’t read through all the trees, but of the ones I saw, I think an apple tree is best for me. Of course, that could just be my tummy talking.

    1. It’s fascinating, they have such a rich and interesting history. One day, I would love to go visit. I have a friend who lives in Dublin now. Apple tree, eh ? Scrumptious, yummy, juicy … sort of like your stories !

      1. Hey Raili…the books says All VINES coincide with the time period of July 11-August 7…..

        The book,is called The Healing Power Of Trees by Sharlyn Hidalgo 💚🌳

  2. I was drawn to the Ash tree but my birth tree is the Willow and both trees are spot on. Lovely post did not know about birth trees.
    This shows that you learn every day.

  3. I love the Ogham, Raili, I bought myself an Ogham Oracle set a few years ago – I’ve used it only a couple of times though. I’m drawn to Willow, which I’ve found symbolises imagination and vision – so I’m happy with that!

  4. In Celtic astrology I’m aligned with the Birch tree (Achiever) although by looking at the list of trees I’m drawn to the Elder (beginnings/endings – birth/death). Very interesting topic Raila – love it xx

      1. It is! There’s been lots of endings / beginnings for me this year so totally resonate with Elder (not to mention my age haha) xo

  5. So interesting your story, as I have Irish blood you made me smile. The Willow, but to be honest I just love all Trees, now I know why. Thank you.

    1. Of course, it’s the Irish in you ! Thank you so much, I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed it. And equally delighted to discover you are now following me 🙂

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