Circle of Friends – week 5 nutshell summary


rose ball

This is the last nutshell summary for the month of May. From now on the Circle of Friend is going to be a monthly event. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. It has been an honour and a privilege to host this. I am grateful, delighted, touched at the willingness of participants to join in and share their personal, sometimes deeply private moments with us. Thank you so much !

Circle of Friends will continue as a monthly event. The next theme will be posted on the 19th June.

I knew this one would be a tough call, delving into being friends with yourself.  It called for a bit of deep digging.  The treasures found are contained in these reponses .  I invite you to read them, like, comment, perhaps reflect on what resonates for your own friendship with yourself.

Calen from Impromptu Promptlings reflects on her progress towards being a good friend with her Self.

Lori from   As The Fates Would Have It tells of a soul mate friendship  in response to Week 4.

Here Lori reflects on her friendship with herself.  She offers this pearl of wisdom –  ‘only way I can be of service to others is to first take care of myself.’

Linda from Spiritual Dragonfly has journeyed her way to  a beautiful place  where she is her own best friend and a way  to be with me, myself and I.

In my response, I share a list of my qualities and attributes  – things that make me a survivor, and me.


© Raili Tanska

12 thoughts on “Circle of Friends – week 5 nutshell summary

    1. It’s been such a delight, Linda. thank YOU for your heart centred open-ness to share your reflections with us. It is exactly that kind of sharing that makes it so special 🙂

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