Echoes of the Barossa Valley

Echoes of Barossa 1 - posted

My sister, Ritva, and her husband, Lasse, are visiting family here in South Australia this week. They live at Lakes Entrance in Victoria, a couple of hundred kilometres east of Melbourne. Their youngest son, Paul, lives in Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley with his lovely wife, Karen. Paul is the pastor of the local Lutheran Church there. We took the opportunity to go and join them, indulging in a leisurely winter’s lunch at a nice little winery in Rowland Flats, just a hop, skip and a jump from Lyndoch. It was cold and wet outside. Inside was toasty warm. So was the food and the company. Our dining table was made from a large slab of red gum lending a nice, rustic Aussie feel. On the walls, the light fittings were equally as unique, having been crafted from old green wine flagons. Well, we were in a winery after all !!

Echoes of barossa - posted

Echoes of Barossa 2 - posted

Echoes of Barossa 3 - posted


©  Raili Tanska

16 thoughts on “Echoes of the Barossa Valley

    1. Thanks – it was. My sister lives a lot closer to us now that she’s moved south so we should be able to catch up more often. That’s the theory. Cheers, bottoms up, Kippis !

    1. We’re very fortunate here in Adelaide. Not ony do we have awesome wines from the Barossa, we also have McLaren Vale wineries, the Coonawarra and Clare Valley. The last two require a bit more travel. Our local wines are all good.

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