I breathe

therefore I AM

I live

therefore I AM
I weep

therefore I AM
I bleed

therefore I AM

I laugh

therefore I AM

I grieve

therefore I AM

I AM strong, I AM weak

I AM  bold, I AM beautiful

I AM determined, I AM resilient

I AM courageous, I AM –


I AM :









Problem solver



Think outside the box


I Am Me


I have written this in response to – Lady Calen’s Sandbox Challenge on – Survivor

and the  Circle of Friends Week 5  – Me

© Raili Tanska





27 thoughts on “SURVIVOR

  1. I use a little video clip on fostering training for prospective carers in which a young woman who had been fostered talks about the different definitions the world imposes on her and concludes with the same final cadence as your post, I am me.

    1. Thanks Calen 🙂 I sort of felt a bit like I was cheating making it a double whammy response, but then it fitted so well together I had no choice !

  2. I love this- both of them. They go together as one. Maybe everyone should write something like the second one, and stick it on the wall so they can read it, and remind themselves how amazing they are.

      1. But you know it makes your friends feel good to read about your positive qualities, written in your own words, don’t you? It shores up our confidence in you – and it’s empowering for the rest of us to be reminded that we can proudly display our own strengths.
        I’m afraid I’m not very coherant today – I’m not able to put across exactly what I’m trying to say.

      2. That’s so sweet Jane, and you are making absolute sense. Thank you 🙂 We’re a great supportive bunch for each other , aren’t we 🙂

  3. Is that little picture of a little girl you? OMG cute attack! I LOVE this piece, but you knew I would. See what you can do? That’s all I want to say. SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO.

    1. Awww, thanks! Coming from you, that’s awesome and humbling :0 Yes, that’s me as a toddler (I think under 12 months) sitting on my Dad’s hand. He’s holding me up in the air. I cropped him out of this one.

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