Circle of Friends – week 4 nutshell summary

rose ball

From animals, insects, roses and people, this week’s participants share some truly unique experiences from their lives.  It’s worth visiting them to read and enjoy what they have to share:


Calen from Impromptu Promptlings reminisces about how her Writer’s  Muse  – the dragonfly, came into her life, as well as of a unique friendship

Linda from  Spiritual Dragonfly  shares with us her unique friendship with a wild black swan called Herbie as well as her pets Ash and Fluffy

Kay Morris Writes tells of a valuable life lesson she learnt from a person who briefly passed through her life

My post is a  story of a unique friendship experience .


If you missed the previous nutshell  summaries – here they are:

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© Raili Tanska

5 thoughts on “Circle of Friends – week 4 nutshell summary

  1. I think the word “unique” kind of mad this one a bit harder for me. For the life of me the only unique friendship I could think of was Plato. But it just dawned on me I could have listed all the gals I hang out with who are in their 20’s. That’s a huge age difference from 65! I guess I have a lot of daughters!

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