Leaving the Nest

Marc 1

The 26th of May is the anniversary of Marc’s arrival into our family. Twenty eight years ago, five months old,  we welcomed him into our hearts and home.  Where he has stayed ever since. As his birthday falls on Christmas Eve, when he was young we always held a homecoming birthday party for him so he didn’t miss out on celebrating. Now that he’s all grown up, we don’t do the party thing anymore.


Marc 2

I wanted to take a bit of a trip down memory lane this year so I dug around in the family photo box to put together a picture story. It will be a year of major transition in our family. You see, our baby boy is going to be leaving home soon. Big stuff for all of us. For Marc, it is exciting as he starts a new career path in the Airforce – and lives away from his family for the first time ever. For us as parents, we will be empty nesting. For Christopher, who joined our family six and a half years later as a two year old,  it will mean adjusting to life at home without his brother being around. For Shalini, it will mean separation from her partner. She will continue to live with us for the time being.  And for all of us of course,  journeying and celebrating alongside Marc as he builds a new life for himself.


Marc 3

Because we were DINKS for fifteen years before Marc came along, our kids have grown up with two lots of cousins. From my side of the family, their cousins are older.  From TRH’s side of the family, they are much closer in age to each other.  This has not been the only distinction as the kids were growing up. Our extended family has been split by distance too, with the Tanskas living in Adelaide and the Pokelas scattered across Australia. That meant our family holidays were usually spent visiting family who lived elsewhere. Lots of road trips as it was a cheaper way to travel then, although time consuming given the distances.


Marc 4

After Marc finished high school he was keen to go into the army but that didn’t work out and he ended up with a career in retail. However, his heart has always been elsewhere. Late last year he decided to try for the Airforce. To his delight, he has been accepted and will be starting on the 9th August.

We’re all excited for you, Marc, in this exciting new phase in your life.

Congratulations! Celebrations! And heaps of love !!


© Mum and Dad

20 thoughts on “Leaving the Nest

  1. Wonderful news for Marc, hope all his hopes for his future with his partner and job will come true. Congratulations xxx

  2. Huge congrats to Marc! That is a BIG step away from home. And I know it will be a huge adjustment for you guys, too. A military career can be nerve wracking at times. Hugs to you all!

  3. All the best to him. I can feel a whole lot of sentiments in this post. It’s not easy for parents to see their young one’s fly the coop, yet it’s the best thing as well 🙂 He’ll do excellently well.
    You are invited to my monthly blog party which just started right now. The link is Summery blog party live link. It’s through the weekend. Do step in and let’s get this party started and mix with others. Regards, Jacqueline

  4. Thank you for sharing ☺ Good luck on your new journey Marc! I’m sure you’ll love it, and hugs to you and yours Raila – new adventures about to begin 😊

  5. Although it’s sad that your son will be moving away, it’s great that he’s been accepted for something that he’s had his heart set on doing. I loved looking at the old family photographs too. They’re heartwarming. Good luck to Marc in the Air Force. Hope he gets off to a flying start. (I’ll bet he’s heard this and every other flying joke about a million times already!) 🙂

    1. Thanks Bun. I will pass on your kind thoughts to him 🙂 Eventually all our little fledgelings will leave the home roost. It’s an excellent career move for him.

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