Circle of Friends – week 3 nutshell summary

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I am delighted that this weekly invitation to share your thoughts and perspectives about friendship is resonating with an increasing number of people. Thank you to all of you, including those who read and comment on contributor’s personal blogs.  I will be continuing the Circle of Friends beyond May, given the level of interest and some suggestions from others to do just that. As I have been reading the stories  each week’s themes bring forward, it only serves to fire my thoughts on to more and more interesting topics  to explore.  I would welcome any thoughts, suggestions and comments you may have to offer about this.

Kay Morris has joined us this week.  Welcome to her, Spiritual journey 17  and to Jane Basil too, who joined us last week. Kay has contributed to this week’s theme as well as these  restrospective posts for weeks one and two –

Her mud map of friendship is crisp  and concise. I like her wordings which are respectful and clear.

Kay introduces her  closest friend  He is   and honours him with a song of the same name by Heather Hedley.

Week 3 theme contributions for GIFTING have yielded an interesting array of stories, thoughts  and comments. Do take the time to go and read them.

Jacqueline of acookingpot andtwistedtales  comments  ‘You take me back to some of my working years and the issue of gifting. I hope that I will find time to join in and write on this one. Life is hectic a bit..”  I  know you lead a busy life. Congratulations on the publication of your first book of poetry   “Out of the silent breath” (available on Amazon and Smashwords.) .

Derrick from  Ramblings  says –  ‘allowing clients to give something back is so important. Otherwise we deny them the opportunity to gain the pleasure of giving’

Kay and her long term friend have unknowingly set up a whole new tradition around celebrating belated birthdays.

Lori from As The Fates Would Have It  writes of financial constraints, friends who return gifts, friends who demand them

Jane’s story about Hedley   reflects on unexpected gifts, receiving and acceptance and a lesson in humility.

Linda writes about Gifts of the Heart  those spontaneous gifts chosen for the individual that turn up unannounced and unexpected – from hugs, to cards, to donuts

In Time for a Gift  Calen   says she sucks at buying gifts and then incredibly goes on to say this   “I NEVER knew what to get her. So one year I gave her a STAR. No, SERIOUSLY!  I gave her a REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS STAR named after her in International Star Registry

Spiritualjourney 17 tells of how a gr0up of ex-work colleagues, now friends,  continue to meet twice a year even though they have not worked together for many years’

In my post I share the story about a special Christmas Gift – Whispers of Family

If you missed the previous nutshell  summaries – here they are:

Week I               Week 2

© Raili Tanska

15 thoughts on “Circle of Friends – week 3 nutshell summary

  1. I am so happy to see that this is resonating with so many people and is growing in number of participants! I will be making rounds this week to read everyone’s posts 🙂 Thank you so much for this, Raili!

    1. Isn’t it! I’m chuffed – thanks for your support too Calen, you star buying woman! I’ve got to look into that, it’s an awesome gift!

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