TRH* Is Never Lost

A young MJT leaning on car door

We’ve been everywhere man, of travel we’ve had our share man

We’ve been everywhere man, of road trips far and wide man

this married pair have traversed everywhere man

o’er this  great  brown land man,  called Aus-tra- li-a man

from east to west to north to south and everywhere!


‘twas in years gone by he and I took one memorable trip.

He enjoyed the freedom of the road, taking control of the wheel.

Once in charge of moving wheels no power on earth would stop him.

I enjoyed a freedom of another kind altogether  knowing I was in the safest hands

snoozing by the mile waking only when the wheels slowed down.


Travelling east to celebrate the nuptials of a long time friend

to a place where yesteryear gold was panned  in Ballarat

and chinamen with sweat of brow created dynasties and family fortunes

peddling to the miners wielding picks and sieving slurry

ever searching for a fortune of their own and rising in rebellion

against the greedy corruption of government at  the Stockade called Eureka


We arrived in heavy slurried weather, a fog so dense we could not see

the road in front let alone the rear or sides but still no power in this world

would stop the man behind the wheel. He drove. Slowly.

Heart in throat we crawled lights blazing  ‘long the road.

We’re going to die! I cried. We’re lost! I lamented.

Ballarat was reached in safety and sleep soothed my  frazzled nerves.


Next morning ‘twas time to head to the nuptials of our friend

not far from where we stayed the night, he said, as he took the wheel.

We’ll go early, he said, they may need some help.

He drove. And drove. He read the map and drove some more.

‘twas when he stopped I ventured to enquire if by any chance he knew the way.

Mumbling under tightened breath he said, of course, and drove some more.

At the third passing of the same roadside stall I ventured to enquire

if by chance perhaps we were lost. He glared and said he knew the way.

And drove some more.  It seemed to me that we were passing familiar

landscapes, going round in circles. I ventured to suggest perhaps it would be good

to stop and ask the way.  Muttering under ever tightened breath he said

it was not necessary.


At this point I thought it prudent to enquire if perhaps we would be late.

Time was ticking on. The wedding would not wait for guests who were late or lost.

As we passed the now familiar roadside stall, he stopped.

Opening the door, he ventured out to enquire about the route best taken

to reach our destination. Map in hand with markings he returned. And drove.

We arrived just in time as bride and groom strolled down the grassy carpet.

 Perhaps it had been prudent after all that we’d left a good two hours earlier than needed.

©  Raili Tanska

 This has been written in response to Lady Calen’s Sandbox Challenge 39 : Lost

*TRH  = The Retired Husband: he has a Category all his own in this blog



12 thoughts on “TRH* Is Never Lost

  1. 😀 Don’t you wonder how many times this scene has played itself out down through history? LOL This line here really tickled my fancy (though it has nothing to do with being lost): “and chinamen with sweat of brow created dynasties and family fortunes” That conjured up so many pictures of history for me. Here, and now over there! What a little gem!

    1. Thank you Calen 🙂 I thought long about writing this as a response to the challenge but it felt right. And of course there are layers of metaphors in there for anyone who cares to grab that golden shovel !

  2. What a great post, and one to which we all can relate. Even after verifying with GPS, maps, etc., my husband, also a TRH, is always sure he knows his way. Even when he does not. I usually navigate, but when I don’t….I’m certain he’d never ask for directions. I think it comes with testosterone ??? ☺

  3. well most men think it is an affront to their masculinity when they have to admit they are lost, as this idea is deep imbedded into their psyche , hahaha. However I know some men that are like pigeons they seem to know exactly where there have to go, my son is one of them, even in a foreign overseas city. I am telling you he has not got that ability from his mother!!

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