Echoes of this week – coffee, new car …

This week at home - posted

It has been quite eventful in this corner of the world. Early in the week we had a massive storm. King tides damaged many jetties, roofs were blown off houses, flood damage to many properties. 100kph winds toppled and uprooted trees, damaged cars, blew roofs off houses.  We kept warm inside and listened to the howling storm. The only damage here was when a potplant was tossed off its pedestal. It has quietened down now. The rain is much needed and we have been able to top up nearly empty tanks.

Cold weather flowers are blooming beautifully. I can never remember the name of this one at the top left. It’s a huge pot that is covered in masses of gorgeous apricot pink flowers.  And my purple orchid seems to have recovered from bud drop. I hope. TRH has been preparing the rose beds ready for new arrivals in July. He has installed timber edging to contain the ground cover that is growing enthusiastically, crawling into spaces where it’s best not to go. So far he has cut up 27 metres of timber and 180 screws. More to go. Each standard rose is surrounded by an octagonal edging. It looks good.

For Mother’s Day the kids gave me a cold drip coffee maker. A new adventure in coffee production is about to be launched here. 700mls of coffee is produced drop by drop over a period of many hours. This method produces a pure coffee that tastes quite exquisite. Generally it is served as a frappe  (poured over crushed ice). However, given we are plunging headlong into winter, I might cheat and turn it into a hot drink.

Big Red and I are getting along famously. Reversing out of our kinky driveway using only rear vision mirrors and the camera has been a bit freaky for someone who has never used either of them in over 40 years of driving (ouch!) However, today I ventured out on my own-some and reverse parked in a shopping centre car park – success first time. OK!  You’re probably looking at the photo  – yes, I chose a corner where I was almost the only car. But it was a proud moment nevertheless.

Another proud moment – in the world of the blogosphere – was when Lady Calen awarded me a Golden Shovel  Trophy for my post of that name …. this has been my week to date.

I hope yours has been equally as eventful and exciting!

©  Raili Tanska

Jacqueline Oby  Ikocha from Dubai hosts Echoes of My Neighbourhood every Thursday at her blog.  It’s a fun way to armchair travel to exotic places.


27 thoughts on “Echoes of this week – coffee, new car …

  1. RE: Weather – We had what I swear was a hurricane roll through last night. I’ve witnessed some crazy weather before but nothing like last night. Incredible I tell ya! Cold coffee maker – Cool. Reverse camera? What’s that? lol – Thanks for sharing your week with us Raili. 😉

    1. Hi Damon, I don’t remember having such a heavy storm here before. You’re right, the weather is misbehaving ! The reverse camera is probably not the right term – it’s a camera that gives you a view on the dashboard screen in the car, to save your neck from damage, for reversing, with lines that help you to judge where to steer without causing damage (A) to the car; (B) to property; (C) to living things; (D) to ego……. Raili

      1. Weather misbehaving or being manipulated. I don’t know but what a mess.

        BTW – I knew exactly what you meant by a reverse camera. I was being sarcastic as I have never owned a vehicle with one in it. Only have I witnessed it in other people possessions. In other words I was just being a wannabe comedian. lol 🙂

        Have a wonderful day in the land down under – over 😉

  2. Hi Raili, Just wanted to stop by and say hello, I have had my little box in the emergency room all week, and gladly have brought it home today, I was hoping to drop you a line on Sunday, so belated I hope you had a lovely day and of course I saw the terrible events in your part of the world !! What a week, glad to see you got through the storm.
    Take care

    1. I was wondering where you were and assumed you were still holidaying. Glad to hear from you. Hope everything is OK. Have you been in hospital ?

  3. Raili!! We’ve been under a big black cloud its seems for weeks…our little island is one soggy mess,,any more rain and I’ll be building an ark!! 😁
    Cold drip coffee maker is a new one to me……after I’ve had my fill of coffee, I usually turn it off. Any coffee left in the pot becomes iced coffee at some point…
    And your Golden Shovel is well deserved!!

    1. There’s a fine line between a soggy mess, enough, and too dry !
      I’ve discovered if you google cold drip coffee you’ll find instructions from Jamie Oliver and others on how to make it without a fancy machine 🙂
      And thanks – I suspect the golden shovel will continue to dig around in that sandpit….

  4. Well there Ma’am, that parking is A class perfect. Well done! You are getting on very well with big red 🙂 It does seem the weather has gone ballistic all around. We are heading into the heating zone. I can imagine people cringing and worrying over the amount of damage their property would sustain. That’s a beautiful bloom and your orchids gorgeous.

  5. It certainly was a storm to write about, and you did that so well, Raili! Thank goodness today is sunny with enough breeze to dry the laundry. As for big red, well done with the reverse parking 🙂 Great post.

    1. You and everybody else it seems! It drips iced water through coffee grounds very slowly. What you get is pure, clear, and usually served as a frappe. Try googling it 🙂

  6. Glad you’re okay after the wild storms – watched it on the news. It made its way to Melbourne and filled Mum’s water tanks too. Enjoy your car – sounds awesome!

  7. Until I started blogging, I rarely thought about the fact that other parts of the world aren’t in the same season as here in the US. We are about to enter our typical hot and sticky summer in the states, especially the south, and you’re talking about winter coming. I’ll be jealous in a couple of months.

    I wish I had a rear view camera. My skills at backing up are awful. I also wouldn’t mind owning Big Red.

    Oh, and while I can never remember the Latin names of plants, the plant in question is commonly known as a Christmas cactus. Yours is gorgeous. I suspect you have quite the green thumb and thus deserved the golden shovel award.

      1. Impressive. Poetry writing is not in my wheelhouse at the moment. But it’s obvious why you got the golden shovel. I wanted to put a “like” on the post but I’m on my tablet at the moment and WordPress is being cranky.

  8. It’s clever of the coffee maker to take its time and thus build up a sense of anticipation! I’ll bet the coffee you get from it is absolutely delicious too. 🙂

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