The Gift of Friends

The Gift of Friends - posted

Friends are like flowers. I read that somewhere earlier today. And it got me to thinking about this week’s theme for Circle of Friends – close friendships. What qualities and attributes do flowers have that make them like friends ?


There are thousands and thousands of different types

Just like people

Each species is unique

Just like us

Each species has sub-species within it that make them the same, yet different

Yes, we are too

Flowers have unique aromas

As do we

Flowers come in many shapes and sizes – some are showy, voluptuous and

shout their colours , others are small, pastel coloured, shy and hidden

Just like humans

Flowers are seasonal, producing their flush of blooms either in spring,

summer or autumn, not many in winter

Friends can be fair or foul weather, fleeting, lifelong

Individual flowers bloom, drop their petals and die. But the following

season sees a new flush of the same species

Friends move in and out of our lives –

some are brief, some come and go, some stay for good

Flowers flourish if cared for and nurtured

Friends who flourish with a mutual watering of

love, respect, integrity, honesty

Flowers wilt and struggle when untended

Friends who pass through our lives for a season

Some flowers thrive in harsh, arid conditions

Friends in the close inner sanctum who stick by each other

through thick and thin, doesn’t matter what’s thrown at them

Some thrive in the lush, wet tropics

Friends who enjoy a deep, vibrant, fun filled connection

Some are fragile and need careful nurturing. Yet they can be

the most stunningly exquisite of all

Friends who have been broken and scarred, and because of it

are the most beautiful, gentle, humble and giving

Some seem to thrive on neglect

The rare kind who can pick up where you left off even if it was decades ago

Some are hardy and will flourish in spite of excess lashings of well intentioned  care

Friends who understand the intention and stick around

Some need pruning

Friends for those challenging conversations

Some are self seeding

Friends who never leave

Any and all of these fit into someone’s inner sanctum. Each offers its own unique attributes and qualities to enrich different seasons and growth.

I am privileged and blessed to have a small handful of beautiful friends in my inner sanctum each fitting into their own unique niche in my life. Each enriches it  in different ways.  There is no need to name them – they know who they are.


© Raili Tanska

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