Circle of Friends – the mudmap week 1 in a nutshell

rose ball


Contributions for the first week of Circle of Friends

are as rich in diversity as are our friendships.

Do pay them a visit. It’s worth it.

Lori from As The Fates Would Have It   used the Paint  program to create a Friendship Mud Map. She also wrote a ditty honouring her friends and their value in her life.

I was so impressed with Lori’s perseverance and skill with the mud map. It requires good mouse and hand, eye co-ordination to do that.  I tried Publisher, Shapes, SmartArt. I gave up in disgust and frustration, resorting to the easier and simpler to use option of Canva.

Linda from Spiritual Dragonfly created a delightful drawing of starfish as her Friendship Mud Map to illustrate the nature of her friendships which are ‘like the ebb and flow of the sea…’  It has a wonderful depth of insight and peaceful freshness  that is heartwarming.

Calen Sariel  from Impromptu Promptlings  says she struggled with getting her head around it at first. (shhh, I did too) She offered up a ‘pure adulterated version’. Calen has just finished a gruelling stream of challenges, as have many others. Given the brain fog her contribution is pretty awesome.  She created a Maslow’egian type of pyramid, the bottom layer of which included all the rest of the world!

Joy Gill from  This Pilgrims Progress   is busy transforming her life. Here she talks about  her transition journey into a new life. We wish her well. Perhaps she will share more insights with us as the month progresses.

Janet Thomas from Elixir: Creative and Reflective Writing commented that ‘My women friends are truly a great gift, for which I am so grateful!’  We would all have to agree with that sentiment, I’m sure.

And here is my own take for week one  : Muddle in the Middle

I hope I haven’t missed anyone. There are several people who have indicated an interest in joining The Circle of Friends – when time permits or  the brain mush of the recent spate of intense challenges has eased.

Thank you everyone. Your insights, sharing and creativity is wonderful and very much appreciated.


© Raili Tanska

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