Muddle in the Middle

Friendship Mud Map


Husband, kids and pets

inner core inhabitants

who huddle, muddle in the middle


Golden circle residents

are of a different nature altogether

mingling, giggling huggle muggles


Ever green and gracious growers

verdant, lush and lively, vibrant

one step, two step, three step dancers


Paddling round the outest circle

helpers circling red and ready

others hanging round and waiting


Lurking in the distant edges

be the fly by nighters and the others

left to last, least oft’ befriended


My contribution to Week 1 of  Circle of Friends Month here at Soul Gifts – Telling Tales

© Raili Tanska


19 thoughts on “Muddle in the Middle

    1. Thanks Calen 🙂 Are you familiar with ? That’s what I used for this mud map. It’s free and you can create your own posters etc use your own photos if you want, add text etc etc. It comes with a beginner’s tutorial. I use it a lot.

      1. My pleasure, Raili… it must be so cool to have Dr. Seuss as a muse! It suits you well and brings out some amazing poetry 😀

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