It’s been cold and wet here for over a week now. Winter is officially almost around the corner, but not quite yet. It really was the perfect time to warm up in the good old fashioned Finnish way. Mind you, it was the kid’s suggestion. We were busy being Master Chef tragics. So we heated … More SAUNA NIGHT


I breathe therefore I AM I live therefore I AM I weep therefore I AM I bleed therefore I AM I laugh therefore I AM I grieve therefore I AM I AM strong, I AM weak I AM  bold, I AM beautiful I AM determined, I AM resilient I AM courageous, I AM – Me … More SURVIVOR

Circle of Friends – week 4 nutshell summary

From animals, insects, roses and people, this week’s participants share some truly unique experiences from their lives.  It’s worth visiting them to read and enjoy what they have to share:   Calen from Impromptu Promptlings reminisces about how her Writer’s  Muse  – the dragonfly, came into her life, as well as of a unique friendship Linda from  Spiritual … More Circle of Friends – week 4 nutshell summary

Leaving the Nest

The 26th of May is the anniversary of Marc’s arrival into our family. Twenty eight years ago, five months old,  we welcomed him into our hearts and home.  Where he has stayed ever since. As his birthday falls on Christmas Eve, when he was young we always held a homecoming birthday party for him so … More Leaving the Nest

Echoes of Brisbane

This week TRH is in Brisbane, the sunny capital of the state of Queensland. He’s visiting his parents.Brisbane is 2,500 km north east of Adelaide. They live in Australia’s only Finnish retirement village – Finlandia Village. It’s like a mini Finland.  Service and health care providers are either Finnish speaking or residents have access to … More Echoes of Brisbane

Winter’s here

Today has been the coldest day in the lead up to winter so far. The maximum temperature was 13C and it has rained on and off all day. Good weather for staying snug and warm inside. Even Tess, desperate as she was to go out, turned around at the door and came straight back in. … More Winter’s here

The Celtic Witch

“Raili, you’d better come quick. The new nurse has just arrived and she’s  in floods of tears.”  One of my nursing staff quickly led me to the room in which she was waiting. Hurrying along after her, I wondered what on earth had gone wrong. She had joined our service as a new comer fresh … More The Celtic Witch

Circle of Friends Week 4 – something unique

This week’s theme –Something unique Last week we put our collective heads around the thorny issue of gifting. The theme has resonated strongly with many people. And brought up some really interesting stories. It has also raised a lot of questions about friendships for me. Ones that I thought would be interesting to delve into … More Circle of Friends Week 4 – something unique