Unsung heroes

frail old person in bed

Frail of build, small of stature

a  lifetime  roiled with pain and crumbling bones

toiling ceaselessly day in day out, years long earning.


Strong of heart and motivation

guardian,  nurturer, protector, friend

to the deprived, tortured, maimed or broken.


Heart and home entwined together

oft’ travelling  hours long and lonely

to be with the one who gave her life and love


now lying forgetful, frail and sightless

comfortless and mourning lost belongingness to hearth and home

visiting to soothe and calm with tender heart and caring.


derelict house

So busy, busy, busy, hurried mother to many younglins

taxi driver , cook and  cleaner, shopper, nappy changer,

story reader, kiss and cuddle soother.


Strong of heart and motivation

blood and kin fearsome protector, nurturer, provider

extends a hand and heart to countless others


cooking meals for hundreds

organising, sourcing, furniture and essentials

for those in need, alone and grieving


setting up a system , process, using gifts and skills

negotiating, sorting, showing others, moving on

to new endeavours, always seeking,  helping, soothing.

cemetery - flowers by plaque under bushes

Across the oceans to another country

traveller to a foreign land and language with her family

young and carefree


Strong of heart and motivation,

crisis challenged forced so many changes

too early in her life a carer to her family


Selfless, giving of her love and skillful hands

to many seeking comfort, easing pain,

creating pathways for the ageing, weary, lonely


Mother, sister, daughter, niece and carer

many to their graves she loved and  tended

 to her family, countless others – always  giving, giving, giving


Dedicated to all the unsung heroes.  Women who seek no fame or glory.  Women who give selflessly.  With love and compassion.  Women who prefer to remain anonymous. These poems are but a sampling.


Candice Daquin at thefeatheredsleep  is hosting a poetry series :   “A memorial to those who should not have died or who affected us hugely but they were never recognized.” If you want to join in simply post,  Hash-tag #unsung or go to Candice’s site and post your link in the comments.


© Raili Tanska


13 thoughts on “Unsung heroes

  1. Oh!!!! I was going to say I’m in love!! You ARE a poet my cleverest girl you are!!! This is so excellent and moreover, so true and a perfect homage to us all!!! Ok that’s it! *places fairy of the elvish poets and high water spirits on Rali-merqueen’shead*

      1. I have a lot that have never made it to my blog. I wrote a whole series of family reminiscings which I printed off and bound as Christmas gifts for all the family 🙂
        Working on writing more – I’ve been experimenting a bit with different styles. Two new ones I have come across recently are Sevenlings, Elfje. Heard of them ?

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